The pandemic is forcing massive transformations and to an extent, the consequences are beyond upside down. Almost every country, sector, and industry is affected by the virus and as this continues, everyone is fighting their own battles to combat the current situations. With the Indian economy already under pressure, the crisis increases rapidly as the Government extends lockdown to end this pandemic. Coming to the legal forefront, multiple responses are facing an outbreak, one of them is the legal education for budding legal candidates.

Impact of COVID-19 on Legal Education

Education is one of the major keys to a successful career in any respective field. With all sectors currently adapting the digital approach, universities and colleges are currently conducting online sessions to keep up with the studies. However, the law schools are undergoing a number of changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As legal education has always stuck to traditional methods, its processes and hearings find it difficult to switch the virtual way. Studying law is more about practical knowledge than theory, as the students have to be in courtrooms after their graduation.

On the other hand, the communities with low-income, far-away locations, and various conditions are anticipating legal education in the future. With this, the question arises: does a legal career still be the right choice? To this, the experts give their insights, as to why students from various communities should pursue legal education even with the given conditions.

Becoming a lawyer is expensive; the degree comes with multiple expenses and is around 3 to 5 years. So, if any respective student has already completed 2 years of their law degree, then completing the degree will be instrumental for the longer run. Dropping out mid-way will be chaotic and leave the student uncertain about their career. So, the best option for the existing time could be to continue the legal education and be updated with the legal field.

Keeping up with the Existing Times

The Bar Council of India states the rules and regulations for legal education, which is followed throughout the entire country. With the law aspirants turning to online education, legal professionals should also make the best use of all the online platforms. There are many legal candidates, who are looking forward to joining a legal firm or even start their practice in associations by becoming a partner, right now the best way to move forward with it is to take one step at a time. For a trainee, starting an internship with a legal firm will be an excellent head start to gain some legal insights. As the legal profession is based more on practice and less on bookish knowledge, students need to learn to develop their skills and mindset. Also, the law students have to become a part of multiple internships to gain enough practice to complete their LLB course.

However, with this pandemic situation, it has become difficult for law students to pursue an internship as many firms are not operating and the open ones are trying to battle the current condition to bounce back and gain momentum for the future. Hence, the legal aspirants should mark their online presence and be updated with the transformations happening in the legal field. They should constantly strive to brush up their skills and also learn the technical parts to be hand in hand with the times. There are multiple seminars and classes conducted online, which are free of cost and are held by experts of the legal fraternity. These lessons are beneficial for legal aspirants as these professionals have dealt with many challenges and can help them overcome similar trials. Hence, to keep up with the present state, one has to be well-aware and always put their best foot forward with the prevailing times.