An Illustrious Law Firm delivering Holistic Legal Insights

"We believe that strategy matters the most in law and we ensure devising unique strategies for each case in hand to provide the best possible results to the clients."

Established in 2005, AMLEGALS is a highly research-driven specialized law firm with offices in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. Additionally, it also operates in 14 cities throughout India through the long term Associates, Affiliates, and Of-counsels. The firm has close international Associates in China, Singapore, UK, and UAE. The key strengths that the firm focuses on are pro-active research-based advisory, non-litigation, and highly research-based litigation.

The Journey of Ascension

Initially, the firm was known as Mishra Associates, which gradually re-branded itself as AMLEGALS in 2012 and is now working as a multi-disciplinary Specialized Law Firm. It has always worked with the vision of client satisfaction and getting the desired results while maintaining the ethics of this profession. The firm has been involved in landmark cases in IBC, has handled a plethora of domestic and international arbitrations, and several interesting orders under GST from various High Courts.

The firm doesn’t want to confine itself to one law or subject and aims to explore every area and create expertise in that. This makes it a one-stop platform, which is beneficial for its clients to come back again with varied kinds of legal issues and also imparts confidence in them. “To put clients at the heart of all we do, we engage and motivate exceptional people allowing them to do and think differently. We provide our clients as a team, with a joint focus on strategy, effectiveness, and dexterity. We believe in the Techno-Commercial-Legal (TCL) approach of working and we work as an extended legal team for the client”, adds the firm.

An Icon of Steadfast Leadership

A veteran personality, Anandaday Misshra is the Founder at AMLEGALS. He is a positive and ambitious person, who believes in the collective growth of the team. He’s attentive and keen observant self and is driven when it comes to the application of strategy. Mr. Misshra is encouraging and supportive of all his young team members and allows them to implement and bring forward innovative and instrumental ideas. He acts in several national and international cases.

Any organization succeeds when the people working in it or for it are driven. He employs young talent, who are passionate about their field. He is the front runner when it comes to studying and comprehending new laws. His understanding of niche subjects is second to none. As a head of the family of AMLEGALS, “I strive to motivate the team in a direction which helps in the growth of not only the firm but also the entire team. I try to align the personal goals of my team with their professional goals”, adds Mr. Misshra. The key advice to all the legal aspirants is to keep the mindset, thought process, learning, and writing simple and aim for the simplest version. This will surely create sense out of every effort towards one’s legal career.

Areas of Prowess

AMLEGALS have a specialized team for Domestic & International Arbitrations, Goods & Services Tax (GST), Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC), Corporate & Company Laws, M&A, Employment & Labour Laws, Contract Laws, Commercial Laws, and more.

● Arbitration- Domestic & International

AMLEGALS believes that one should set out the finest strategic and innovative steps before and during arbitral proceedings for the best and desired results in an arbitration proceeding. It handles international arbitrations under rules of UNCITRAL, SIAC, and ICC regularly for numerous industries and sectors. The law firm has a dedicated group of prominent domestic and international arbitration specialists, with recognized and formidable advocacy skills. It handles high-value multi-jurisdictional commercial arbitrations in India.

● Goods & Services Tax (GST)

The firm is engaged in proactive advisory and litigation to handle all GST related issues for any company in India. AMLEGALS has a full-fledged experience to advice on Goods & Service Tax with the Founder & Managing Partner of the firm having a backing of experience of more than two decades in Indirect Taxation and has even authored a book on GST.

● Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

The firm forte is IPR, wherein it not only advised but also successfully defended the intellectual property rights of its valuable international and national clientele. It understands the nerve of IPR and blends it with the nature of the business of clients to implement IPR strategically before the IPR Registration authorities, High Courts, and Supreme Court of India.

● Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC)

The firm is one of the leading and specialized IBC law firms in India with a committed team for IBC. It handles IBC matters in NCLT at Ahmedabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Kolkata. Mr. Misshra has also authored a book on IBC which is backed by Wolters Kluwer and will be soon published.

● General Corporate and M&A

The firm has profound knowledge and expertise in all areas of M&A practice including stock acquisitions, takeovers, asset transfer, joint venture, due diligence, etc. which also includes cross-border transactions.

● Contract Laws

The firm is a preferred choice by various companies in India and around the globe for legal vetting and drafting of different types of agreements.

Standing Tall Amongst All

“We constantly deliver our expertise most proficiently and effectively, so our clients can strike the best possible balance between cost, quality, speed, and threat.”

Irrespective of the magnitude and scope of business needs and work, every client is given the attention that is needed and deserved. Rather than putting forward theoretical legal analysis, the firm offers specific strategies and advice required to get a deal done, resolve a dispute, or solve a business challenge. The firm looks forward to working with people who prosper in the environment, clients that believe in team-work, and demonstrate inventive, competent, responsive, pioneering, and dependable mind-sets.

The firm cherishes an environment of performance and provides brilliant and significant learning with a concentration on developing a fully-rounded team. By employing digital technology and alternative resourcing models, it assists the clients in staying at the forefront of up-and-coming opportunities and protects them from threats.

Feathers in AMLEGAL’s Cap

  • Notable Law Firm for "Commercial & Transaction" for 2020 - Benchmark Litigation
  • Notable Law Firm for "Dispute Resolution" for 2019 - Asia Profiles
  • Top 10 GST Consultant Firm, 2019 - Insight Success
  • Legal Firm of the Year Award 2020 - Mission Knowledge
  • Top 50 Legal Leader List, India, 2020- Legal Fund
  • Most Innovative Law Firm in India, 2019 - AI
  • Legal Fees Survey, 2019 - Indian Business Law Journal (IBLJ)

A Plan to Tackle the Pandemic

“Don’t wait for opportunity but create one”, “Dream of success and work hard for it”.

AMLEGALS has regularly helped its clients to sail through tough times as smoothly as possible, by constantly updating and releasing White Papers on its dedicated microsite It has uploaded more than 65 White Papers on different sectors in the quest for bringing clarity on the impact of COVID and how one can tackle it.

The firm has released a series of astute analysis, practical FAQs, and concise guides to help identify and assess the key legal and commercial problems, how to mitigate risk at present, and in the future as well as the short and long-term regulatory and operational implications of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has held a series of 18 Webinars with participation from all over the country.

The Futuristic Outlook

“We are also looking forward to working with our counterparts globally. For the future, we are working on a major AI-driven product that will have a big impact on the legal industry.”

AMLEGALS is dedicated towards the future and hence it works for new laws that will build India. It is a tech and research-driven law firm and hence it always aims to create effective mechanisms for a continuous increase of efficiency through resources available to ensure that reliance can be placed on it.