Joachim & Janson

Joachim & Janson

A World-Class Trusted Legal Service Provider Safeguarding Law with Integrity and Excellence

“We work as a single united team with market-leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.”

Established in 2002, Joachim & Janson is an Intellectual Property law office for Entrepreneurs looking forward to building their fortune or business around their valuable intellectual property assets. The firm solely ensures the protection of Brands, Business Names, Logos, Taglines, Inventions, Designs, Trade Secrets, Software, Literary, and Artistic Works. It has served more than 4500 entrepreneurs, which includes numerous multinationals, leading international and national law firms and individuals.

The Journey of Ascension

Joachim & Janson is recognized as one of the best Intellectual Property law firms in Asia -Pacific region. The firm consists of a team of experienced Government of India registered Patent Agents, Trademark, Design & Copyright Attorneys, Start-up IP Lawyers, Patent Engineers, Business Development Advisors, and Consultants with 18 years of experience in handling several thousand IP matters. These experts maintain ultimate professionalism, responsiveness, accountability, and confidentiality in their ethos of work. The team is always committed to doing its utmost to justify the enormous trust that its clients have placed in them.

The firm provides the right kind of support to an Indian business going pan India or is expanding to overseas markets, or an International corporation pursuing growth in India. It is well networked globally with leading IP & Corporate law offices in 180 countries. With the Tagline “Your Perfect IP Legal Partner”, the firm has become a preferred choice amongst all as it has built a strong foundation with its utmost legal offerings and cost-effective solutions. It uses the most comprehensive, technologically advanced, artificial intelligence-based, and intuitive legal research tools.

The Virtuoso thriving for Success

“Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll be able to see further”.

A visionary leader, Anup Joachim is the Founder & Chief IP Attorney of Joachim & Janson. He is a highly motivated, result-oriented, empathetic, compassionate, fluidic, positive, and quality conscious person. Anup is always willing to try new approaches and ideas, has a vision for the future, and thinks about the firm’s operational conditions. The vision and mission of the firm are to provide world-class Intellectual Property services to as many individuals and commercial organizations across the globe. As the Chief IP Attorney, Anup tries to make sure that his organization does not deviate from the determined goals and ideals.

Words of wisdom for the budding lawyers, “If law students choose the right law firms for their internships, they will get to know various fields of law. They can choose what is best suited for them. What they learn in Law School is nothing in comparison to what is in practice. They should be willing to learn more, work hard even when nobody is watching and make good use of their time. If they are willing to help and give something of value that exceeds the expectations of their clients, they will be successful”.

Areas of Proficiencies

Joachim & Janson provides Intellectual property services like Naming Consultation, Freedom to Operate search, World-wide patentability search, Registration, IP portfolio management, Watchdog services, Maintenance, and IP Litigation support across the globe. The firm offers commercialization /monetization services and conveyance services and also provides a hundred varieties of contracts, agreements, and notice drafting services.

The Client-Centric Approach

Joachim & Janson considers its client’s business and their IP assets as its own. It thoroughly hears out its clients and delivers them with services suited to their requirements. It makes sure that no supervision or follow-up is needed from their end. The firm provides high-quality legal services that are at par with the best IP law firms and charges reasonable rates that can be afforded even by an SSI. The respected rates are the same for micro, small, medium to large entities. It also offers many innovative services that are not available from any other law offices in India or other parts of the globe. The firm bestows its clients with an all-in-one platform, which consists of a myriad range of legal services and insights. Overall, it offers over 45 different services for trademark alone helping the clients to get every possible service under one roof and get ahead of their competitors.

Bagging a Bunch of Winning Titles

Based in Cochin, Kerala, Joachim & Janson has been successful in providing high-quality intellectual property legal services to several thousand companies across the globe. The success rate has been over 80% during the last 18 years. By 2006, it was invited to be listed in the Asia Pacific Legal 500.

As per India Business Law Journal, April 2013 the firm was mentioned as one among the “50 Indian Law Firms That International IP Owners and Their Legal Advisers Should Know About” Many magazines have mentioned it as one amongst the "25 Most Promising IP, Copyright, Patent & Trademark Consultants in India -2016" and "Best Full-Service IP Law firm -India 2017" by Acquisition International Magazine, UK, and India’s 10 Most Reliable Law Firms, 2020 and much more.

A Take on the Pandemic

Any organization can survive only by innovating and overcoming the challenges. There will always be speed breakers along the way, but craving the path through them is what makes one potential for the long run. The firm believes that Covid-19 has opened up new opportunities for them overall. With the world going digital people have become used to buying goods and services online and will prefer to do business online for a very long time, geographical limitations will be less. Understanding the need of the hour, it is getting ready to provide various services online.

The Path Ahead

Joachim & Janson is heading towards being the most reliable and trustworthy IP law office in Asia –Pacific region. It hopes that India will become a global innovation, manufacturing, and export hub in Asia in the next 10 years. By helping its clients, the firm aims to become a prominent name in Intellectual property in the world.