Julie Albright

Julie Albright

An Author Striking a Chord to the Millennial

Living in this era of modern times and revolutionary transformations, technology is every human’s digital breath. Like a coin has two sides, the same goes for everything. So, one can agree that when it comes to technology, there are positive and negative aspects, but the question here arises is, are these aspects balanced or one overpowers the other? This answer is debatable and will differ from one to many, but as one turns the pages of reality, there lies a lethal impact.

As the internet experiences many trends and challenges on the go, in recent times, doing the rounds was an Instagram challenge called the #10yearchallenge. This hashtag is flooded with millions of posts representing an individual’s journey over the decade, be it their physical appearance or their personal and professional achievements. However, it misses the mark to dig deep inside and find out about how exactly life has evolved over the last 10 years?

The rage of the internet, social media, and smart expensive gadgets are directly proportional to the human consumption of digital resources. Here comes into play, the Digital Sociologists, who thoroughly research, examine, and understand the digital sociology. One such Digital Sociologist is Julie Albright, the author of “Left to Their Own Devices: How Digital Natives Are Reshaping the American Dream.”

An Insight about Julie

“I see the constellations in the stars.”

An author, creator, thinker, sociologist, consultant, Julie is a multifaceted personality, who has bagged numerous successful titles and positions under her name. She is a creative and strategist thinker in two main areas of strength. One, she can “read the tea leaves” i.e. recognize the trends before time. Two, she is a synthesizer, who gathers information from distinct fields and tries to blend them in a new way.

A Record of the Educational Benchmarks

Initially, when Julie went to graduate school for pursuing a Ph.D. in Sociology, she had many curious questions in mind about what is sociology and what does the position of a sociologist mean. During her under graduation, she didn’t study the sociology course and even didn’t have the subject. However, she had a background in graphic design and advertising, which made her aware of the power of mass communication and its impetus on people. So, she went ahead and completed her Ph.D. in Sociology from USC. Apart from her Ph.D. she also has a master’s and a dual doctorate – in Marriage and Family Therapy.

A Sneak-Peak into the Professional Journey

Julie has a rich far-fetched experience of many years. She has worked extensively and held key roles as a sociologist and consultant. She teaches Applied Psychology and Engineering at the University of Southern California and also holds a position in the Board of Directors of Infrastructure Masons, a professional group for data center and IT professionals. Here, these professionals host a series of effective initiatives to raise money and work towards guiding, training, and employing women, under-represented minorities, and veterans. Julie acknowledges this and is proud of the professionals, who are making a potential difference in the lives of many.

More remarkably, Julie has over six thousand hours of clinical practice in various possible settings. Be it a school, two university clinics, a private practice in Newport Beach, California or even a mental hospital for over two years, Julie has worked in almost every type of scenario.

“Using this background and experience, I can also put on my counseling hat and think about the unintended consequences to our mental and physical health of digital connectivity, which I do in my new book, Left to Their Own Devices: How Digital Natives Are Reshaping the American Dream,'' states Julie. The book is inspired and Julie’s comprehensive career in sociology and counseling background. It addresses the changing times and trends in society that one encounters with and how these advancements affect an individual’s mental health, behavior, response, and habits. This isn’t an ideal choice of a lifestyle and hence, this book provides solutions to live a healthier and more meaningful life.

“Sociology looks at how the big picture structures – things like gender, or family, or work – can shape individual lives. My work looks at the impacts of digital technologies on society, on individuals, on relationships, and on the workplace”, Julie’s take on Sociology. - Optional

Times of Triumph

In her long career, Julie has embarked on a remarkable journey of hard work, persistence, and courage by sailing through many waves and tides to reach the harbor of success. There are many winning moments and achievements that Julie cherishes, but she remembers three of her greatest professional accomplishments. First on the list is her book, it was her dream to write a book that she admired and always wanted to write and her voice to. The book was among the Top 30 Books of 2019 by Bloomberg and that’s what makes it special.

Second to that is co-writing and winning a $121 million Smart Grid Demonstration Project Grant, funded by the U.S. Dept. of Energy, which was perfect. This was a challenging project which ended on a high note, Julie and her team faced multiple setbacks, be it working with difficult people or other institutions, who wanted to be spoon-fed. However, Julie along with her team was determined to mark their winning spot and make this project a hit.

“Lastly, I am very proud of the work I am doing with Infrastructure Masons – particularly to help build a job and educational pipeline for women and underrepresented minorities to pursue careers in the technology and data center fields”, concludes Julie.

A Word on Competition and Leveraging Growth

“I’ve got my finger on the pulse of tomorrow”, is how Julie best describes herself. As a child, Julie loved playing chess and after playing it for tons of time, she discovered a wider spectrum of the game. She resonates strategic thinking to chess, as while playing the game, one has to think about all the moves, both for oneself and the competitor. There is a series of trials and errors in the mind first, which one has to think ahead of time.

At times, communication is an excellent help to foresee other’s strategy and analysis and also it can create awareness of new perspectives. This is also another reason is why having a diverse team can bring up issues or new ideas outside one’s line of sight.

Similarly, to keep up with the present alterations, Julie reads and watches what’s going on constantly. Exploring new trending technologies to see what’s happening in the marketplace. The latest one, TikTok has ignited the imaginations of millions of users around the world with tremendous growth and traction.

The Next Moves

Julie plans to expand her role and open new doors of opportunities in the IT and data center space for women and underrepresented minorities. “I hope to continue to evangelize a more balanced approach to our daily use of technology, and advise business leaders on how these technologies are changing the values and behaviors of their incoming workforce in significant ways.” Finally, she looks forward to writing the next book to follow Left to Their Own Devices.