75Health by Kaaspro Enterprises

75Health by Kaaspro Enterprises

Providing Cloud-Based Intelligent EHR System Dedicated to Foster the Practice of Virtual Working

Today every industry in the world is facing one big problem i.e. managing data. Data of all kinds is an important aspect, considering the rapid progress and development in every business around the world. Health is an important part of life and maintaining the health records of patients is a crucial task for respective authorities. Health inhabits a great share of every nation’s financial necessities. Making health a priority and providing appropriate and effective healthcare services is the prime responsibility for every domain around the globe. With the dream to empower the individuals to have an accurate and reliable source of their entire health care information alongside helping medical professionals to access the information for providing the most optimal care, Mr. Kumar Subramaniam, Co-Founder and CTO alongside Mr. Anish Kumaramangalam, Co-founder and CTO incorporated 75Health/ Kaaspro in 2010.

75Health, an organization aimed at providing inexpensive, robust cloud-based medical technology solutions to companies and industries of all sizes, types and located all over the country. 75Health is an information technology-based service providing company, offering cloud services to hospitals and other medical institutes to secure patient data and other important information. It provides services such as electronic health records, medical billing systems, patient health records, and other medical information management systems at a single assembly. Identifying the drawbacks of indecorous management of healthcare records, 75Health works with the main purpose of enabling the digitization of health care records and the proficient management of critical health information at a single point.

Zealous Leader of Resolute and Dedicated Organization

Handling an organization where frequent modifications are a necessity and running along the market demand to be able to output the best possible solutions according to the client requirements, is not everybody’s cup of tea especially in the medical sector except for Mr. Kumar Subramaniam, the founder, and CEO of Kaaspro Enterprises. His dream and ability to visualize the company as a successfully developed, novel, and robust medical information technology service provider has paved the way for the success that 75Health enjoys today. He has been guiding the team, offering valuable suggestions and interacting with clients to fully discern their requirements. He is also one of the co-founders of Kumaran Systems, heading the internet products and services department.

Mr. Kumar’s passionate zeal and ability to provide the hospitals and medical centres with technological provisions has made him conquer what he has today. With over two decades of experience in the industry and understanding the clientele from different industries, he leads the organization from the forefront. His expertise in the IT industry and its possible application in the healthcare industry have contributed enormously to the design and development of 75Health products. Kaaspro Enterprises and its team are truly blessed to be able to look up to Mr. Kumar’s insights and management abilities to align the projects and processes with its commercial policies.

Fundamental Proficiencies That Help 75Health Shine Bright

75Health is a cloud-based EHR Software (Electronic Health Record) solution that needs no downloading, installation or exclusive hardware. The system helps store and manage crucial patient information, for example, prescriptions, lab reports, and health history efficiently without providing much input from the user. The organization provides innovative systems that contain predefined codes and the indispensable methods that are easy to handle and can be operated proficiently. What the clients need to do is to just log in through their browsers, and start charting. 75Health’s products are designed in a way that its client’s financial and administrative process can be rationalized by cultivating revenues and reducing costs.

Medical professionals and hospitals are benefited from cloud-based, robust online electronic health record systems, and other related products. The software enables the end-user to simply locate each document inside the system and to share the information, which is secured and executed fast. 75Health EHR application has updated itself with the introduction of unswerving feature enhancements and has emerged out to be the all-inclusive EHR solution that disregards budding manual errors and provides ease-of-use and accuracy. 75Health is an elite healthcare technology service provider centering on offering robust software solutions to clinicians and healthcare providers.

The most widely used products of 75Health are 75Health EMR (Electronic Medical Record), 75Health HER (Electronic Health Record), 75Health PHR (Personal Health Records) Software and 75Health MPMS (Medical Practice Management Software). These products are easily accessible web-based systems that can be reached everywhere, and have consistent backups that eradicate the risk of data loss. 75Health is very well aware of the fact that there are ample amounts of medical information technology providers globally; which stimulates the organization to fulfil the clients' demands. Starting with identifying market scenario and client requirements, it becomes easier to develop a differential, most optimal and economical solution.

A Look into Mission and Vision

Healthcare is a vast and developing industry, where changes occur on a day-to-day basis. There are technological advancements in medical sciences that make managing the data a tough task to carry out, provided there is a bounteous amount of information of thousands of patients collected over the years. 75Health aims to offer accurate and reliable health care information technology solutions, which will endow health care providers and individuals to achieve access to crucial medical data and work in their progress and security. The company efforts to afford personalized, cloud-based technology solutions to hospitals and all types of medical organizations.

The company visualizes a firm, where there is scope for evolution and enhancement of the services provided. 75Health offers a way to enhance facilities to deliver the finest quality services to clinicians and healthcare service providers. The organization expedites increased patient outcomes and improved practice productivity through the maximum use of medical data by leveraging technology. The company facilitates the imbuement of core values such as

  • Excellence in healthcare technology: The company dreams to achieve expansion by the introduction of continuous evaluation of the products, thereby ensuring the consistency of the services offered.
  • Honesty and integrity: The Company focuses on building the trust and loyalty of the clients, as well as safeguarding integrity in all the processes involved.
  • Building a long-term relationship: 75Health attempts to build long-term alliances with all the well-regarded clients through commitment and hard work.

Facilities to the End Users and Keeping with the Future

75Health products encompass the essential features required by modern hospitals and clinics. The practitioners and medical professionals get to enhance their productivity and efficiency using modern features. The foremost benefits of services include the major automation of processes and reliability of the accuracy and security of patients’ personal and health data. For years the 75Health products have been in the market, the company tries to be updated with the current and expected future requirements modernizing and customizing them repeatedly, through innovative technologies.

Today, the modern healthcare sector also relies on technology. The demand for better healthcare is obvious for every individual. It is now that the healthcare information management systems offered by 75Health help them to overcome hindrances and outshine in the services to their patients. 75Health believes to serve the society and health care providers through a determined and valuable approach using electronic medical systems.