Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting Services

A Market Leader with Exceptional Management Practices

Healthcare Consulting Services (HCS) is a healthcare advisory and consulting firm. Established in Mumbai, HCS is successfully rendering end to end solutions to hospitals and healthcare institutions with excellent marketing strategies, while assisting hospitals with operations management.

The journey of Healthcare Consulting Services started single-handedly with utmost dedication while focusing on projects in Mumbai on varied verticals of the healthcare industry. In 2009-10, the firm enclosed a project, which involved free GAP analysis aka ‘Hospital Health Evaluation’. Subsequently, it also completed various projects effectively in a short period. Furthermore, it went ahead with the commissioning of the clinics, which covered Delhi and Bangalore for foreign Multinational Investors. This team diversified and managed multiple hospitals in Mumbai. It has extended its advisory services outside of Mumbai to and at present manages a couple of charitable hospitals, small size private single doctor-owned hospitals, diagnostic, and pharmacy units.

Leading from the Forefront

A diligent personality, Amit Sontakke is the Managing Partner of Healthcare Consulting Services. He is a veteran in the field of Hospital Operational Management with a high proficiency for optimization of resource deployment in existing facilities and superfluous business generation in the unit/hospital/project. Amit is a proactive leader with an exceptional skill set of achieving the desired market response, a potential increase in performance, reducing cost, and strengthening competitive advantage for Healthcare projects. He is a Marketing, Branding, and Communication Advisor to numerous Hospitals and a Hospital Operator Advisor for managing 50-100 bedded hospitals and above.  

He has extensive experience of over 2 decades in major Multi-specialty Hospitals and Multinational companies. He has pursued a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Hospital Administration from the Institute of Management Studies, Indore in 2001. Also, he has completed the advanced Senior Management Program from IIM Calcutta in 2013-14 and Certification Course in “Sustaining & Managing Hospital Growth” from IIM Bangalore in 2013. He has pursued a specialization in Hospital and Healthcare Marketing and Technical Insights through Executive Programmes. He is a visionary leader who is efficacious towards his approaches. 

A man of his choices, Amit is a self-contained person having his own rules, notions, and stories, while offering a helping hand whenever required, to help people move forward. A committed professional, who fought every prejudice against him to establish himself as an ennoble personality. His sheer hard work has met the harbor of success and won him numerous prestigious recognitions and awards which are as follows:

Listed among 25 Most Promising Healthcare Consultants of the year 2017, by Consultant Review, The Best of 10 Healthcare Brands year 2018-19, by Insight Care Healthcare Solution Hub Magazine, The Best Healthcare Advisory & Consulting Firm 2019" by AI Global Excellence Award 2019, Upmost Consultant Companies 2019" by Business APAC magazine, The 10 Most trusted brand of the year 2019" by Business Sight magazine, The 10 most prominent Healthcare companies in the year 2018" by Prime View Magazine, and many more.

He has been a prominent thought leader and is a think tank in several working committees for hospital administration. Also, he has been an influential speaker on operations and marketing of hospital services on various fora. He has authored various articles and research papers in journals such as Express Healthcare and the Journal of VNS Institute of Management Studies.

HCS’s Voice as a Brand

Healthcare Consulting Services have marked their presence in the market with their stellar performance and out-of-the-box approach. Being a pioneer in the market, HCS has always worked steadfastly with detailed comprehensions; hence the brand is able to have a voice for every quality. To name a few are:

● Expert / Strategy: HCS has a potential team of hospital consultants having experience in managing hospitals. The consultancy conducts a proper Gap Analysis of each process.

● Quality / Benchmark: HCS focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of each process making sure pillars of the foundations are held strong. Mapping each and every process, the firm addresses all the minor or minutest details and maintains no room for errors.

● Result Oriented / Focus: HCS believes in teamwork and making things happen, it achieves goals and objectives planned for each respected project.

● Growth: HCS has insight, sight, and foresight for every project. It plans the hospital projects keeping in mind short term and long-term goals.

Apart from this, HCS is a trustworthy brand enduring virtues at its fullest; here are its Core Values:

● To be professional in our approach

● To be ethical and honest when dealing with our clients

● To be sound in Documentation and advise

● To be able to give expert assistance to all our clients

● To help manage the top line and bottom lines of the hospitals and healthcare companies

Bestowing a Myriad Range of Paramount Amenities

HCS has focused on creating a dashboard for hospitals based on Key Performance Indicator (KPI). The various factors like bed occupancy rate, bed turnover rate, average length of stay, operations theatre (OT) utilization rates, capacity utilization rate, OPD to IPD turnover rate, OPD follow up turnover rate, the proportion of new patients referred by existing patients, walk-in to referred, the proportion of walk-in to referred, discharge against medical advice rate, patient satisfaction rate, cost per patient days, revenue per patient days, and more are thoroughly maintained providing the highest standards. All these parameters and more are measured post GAP analysis thereby making these as basis for marketing, and branding, strategies, media planning, clinical and non-clinical parameters further helping hospitals with adequate and competent manpower and media equipment planning, quality benchmarking.

Also, HCS offers managing and integrating information technology into the processes, on an everyday basis. Altogether, it acts as an extended arm to these hospitals and aims to expand its infrastructure to a multispecialty scale. Keeping up with the need of the hour, the firm has collaborated with IT companies to build a state-of-the-art Hospital Information System (HIS), which helps hospitals to effectively manage their entire process. Therefore, HCS is looking forward to working with cost-effective IT brands for hospitals which presently are incurring lesser revenue to afford their IT Administrators, thereby increasing their overall efficiency of the system.

An Overview of the Current Industry

With a tagline of “We strive for profitability and standardization in the hospital and healthcare system”, HCS recognizes the on-going scenario. To find success in this modern time, hospitals need effective strategic planning, proper infrastructure, best medical professional consultants, human resource allocation, clinical planning, sufficient knowledge and exposure towards statutory compliances, and particular attention to the hospital's marketing and sales. HCS services are specially designed considering these multitudinous obstacles and these services contrive to overcome existing challenges clients face today.

Empowering a Team Spirited Environment

HCS’s key strength lies in its understanding of the hospital business. The team at HCS is a pool of talented consultants, who devote their time to bring the project alive and thoroughly enjoy working at the Hospital. While acquiring talent for HCS, the firm ensures whether fresher or experienced, they understand the business of consulting. Also, whether the project demands one individual or group of consultants from a varied background, they are aligned to the ethics of the Hospital and its promoters.

The USP of HCS is its Quality Management and establishment of a hundred plus key performance indicators to evaluate the entire functioning of the Hospital with accreditation guidelines. Also, the firm has core competencies in Marketing, Branding, and Communication offering a full-fledged Marketing Plan and Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy. The company has partnered with few digital marketing companies to create a platform for every hospital they cater to and having their presence felt within the area and beyond its expectations at a reasonable cost. 

Keeping the Lamp Ignited

One of the compelling concepts HCS is striving hard to accomplish is to extend its services to sick units, who are unable to survive in the competitive world. The company as a team has planned to pick one hospital at a time and help them revive to an extent that it becomes cash flow neutral from cash flow negative. The firm does SWOT analysis of the project and tries to understand how as a business, they can leverage the strength in favor of the hospital and work on the weaknesses. The major challenge here is to get the funds for the Hospitals, in absence of any funds they have to identify services, which will generate immediate revenue for the Hospital. In other cases, the company might have to approach the community to donate funds.

In one such Hospital Project, they had to attach few doctors to OPD, Labor Delivery Room (LDR) is of the 1940s, no existence ICU, and an old-fashioned OT. In absence of proper building blocks, the promoter nuns were involved in all functional areas of the hospital and were performing all activities by themselves.

So, HCS stepped in to focus on the building block of the organization and help them create strategies to add services and specialties, to generate revenue or profits for the hospital-based on the market survey and feasibility studies. Initially, they added more Out Patient Departments and created an OPD for Dental, Ophthal, General Physician, ENT, etc. and got a diagnostic partner on board to give quality reports to respective consultants. The firm established a Pharmacy since patients' relatives were asked to go out to get medicine. It also identified a gap in critical care, thus establishing ICU followed by Dialysis Unit, since in the vicinity; there were hardly any Intensive care setups and no dialysis set-up.

Moreover, it also added surgeons both General and Orthopedic on board, so the underutilized OT can be utilized, got Intensivist on board to get the critical care going, replaced the outdated generator with the new one, and many more. Thus, building a well-resourced infrastructure helped hospitals gain footfall and ultimately cash flows. So, HCS is an ideal choice for hospitals looking for a restoration process.

Prime Focus on Research and Development

Healthcare Consulting Services firmly believes in using data for decision making, to which research is pivotal. To bring a cutting edge aspect to this, Amit is pursuing doctorate as a Research Scholar from the Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) University, Jaipur, Rajasthan. The organization does continuous market research on various aspects of Hospital Administration along with feasibility studies related to operational, project, financial aspects to establish any department within the hospital. Apart from these, HCS further understands and does a lot of research before taking any sick unit and understand which variables are the growth drivers for the project to be successful.

Moving ahead, HCS is planning to invest further in Predictive Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. HCS is already working towards creating a healthcare application under the brand name “Grade Health”, which will focus on mapping parameters of patient satisfaction based on which it will rate and grade the hospital services, etc. HCS aims to work with an idea to move from care to self-care by using technology.

A Vision for the Future

The Healthcare Sector is an essential part of society. As the Indian economy is moving towards capitalist development, the number of hospitals is also expected to experience potential growth in various formats. Hence, there is a need to create a niche of services in the required format delivery to supersede the competition.

This will further create a need to develop competitive viability among Hospitals to compete with each other and only those hospitals will come up, who are professionally committed to a robust work ethic. Therefore, a team of Hospital Management and Clinical experts implementing corporate governance in hospitals are required to extend professional advisory and consulting. This will enable the hospitals to spearhead the industry to attain profitability and sustainability, in the long run, delivering and maintaining quality patient care. At HCS, the mission and vision are to touch base with at least 1000 hospitals in the next three years.