The 10 Outstanding Tech Giants in AR/VR Space, 2020

The 10 Outstanding Tech Giants in AR/VR Space, 2020

Welcome to Business Brainiac’s The 10 Outstanding Tech Giants in the AR/VR Space, 2020 issue, our annual feature of the most influential AR/VR solution providers in today's rapidly growing technology sector. Read on to meet these disruptors, innovators—and prepare to be inspired.

Cover Story Profile


Improving the Real World with Pioneering AR/VR Solutions

For the featured Cover Story Profile of our exclusive AR/VR Edition, we had the great pleasure of sitting F down for an interview with Ken Ehrhart. A respected leader in the AR/VR sector, Mr. Ehrhart is the Founder and CEO of Paracosma, recognized by Business Brainiac in this edition as one of “The 10 Outstanding Tech Giants in AR/VR Space, 2020”.

Special Category Profile

Live Animations

The Flag Bearers of the AR/VR Industry

Established in 2014, Live Animations initially came up with the idea of augmented reality for children and families. Eventually, the company went through different products, applying AR to photos, t-shirts, packaging, and many other options, but it found success with school notebooks. The first print run (100,000 copies) was sold out in a few days, after which customers requested an additional batch. This was the first step of its “ladder of success”.



A Powerful Platform Connecting the Dots of Art and AR Technology

When it comes to the revolutionary AR/VR technology, it has spread its wings into several potential domains and is redefining the user experience to another level. The field of art and design has stepped a notch-top and is keeping track of what is trending and where their creative opportunities lie. An eye for curiosity led Artivive, a technology-based company, to bring forth an augmented reality platform for art and recognize the changes that are occurring in the industry and help artists explore new dimensional creative spaces.


One of Its Kind Bookworm Blending Technology and Education

There are not many schools/educational spaces that incorporate the use of technology or advanced learning techniques. This, in turn, can resist a student’s knowledge to an extent and shut their doors to the wider spectrum. To bestow the students with a new experience and shatter the stereotypical learning and teaching patterns, CleverBooks has turned the pages of wisdom and fast-tracked it into the present times. Established in 2016 and incorporated in Dublin, Ireland in 2017, this company is home to a digital library of hi-tech books.


Amplifying the AR/VR Technology to Numerous Platforms

With the mission of Helping Machines Learn, Scanta is an Artificial Intelligence startup, which stepped forward into the AR/VR world out of sheer curiosity and embarked on the journey to create the new-age of AR/VR solutions and use-cases. Based in San Francisco, California, the company passionately works towards AI, Machine Learning, and all aspects of Data Science.

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