One of Its Kind Bookworm Blending Technology and Education

Empowering Kids Learning in the acquisition of necessary for the 21st Century skills by utilizing the most innovative AR technology tools is our main goal.

Education is a powerful resource that broadens an individual’s vision and contours the path for new perspectives, goals, and future existence. In this era of innovative and contemporary knowledge, the students today are experiencing dynamic transformations giving rise to inventions that are larger than life itself. With such drastic modifications, it is imperative for students to keep up with the prevailing times and learn accordingly. However, there are not many schools/educational spaces that incorporate the use of technology or advanced learning techniques. This, in turn, can resist a student’s knowledge to an extent and shut their doors to the wider spectrum. To bestow the students with a new experience and shatter the stereotypical learning and teaching patterns, CleverBooks has turned the pages of wisdom and fast-tracked it into the present times. Established in 2016 and incorporated in Dublin, Ireland in 2017, this company is home to a digital library of hi-tech books.

The Captivating Duo

Darya Yegorina and Inna Armstrong are the Co-founders at CleverBooks. Being mothers, these two realized that their kids are restricted to a monotonous routine with each passing day. Making them feel tiresome and unhappy about their school’s traditional way of teaching and learning and resulting in a lack of interest in education. If in the formative years, the students begin to experience such radical effects, then it is challenging for them to focus during their succeeding years. Coming into contact with this, Darya and Inna raised few questions as to how can a student be excited about going to school if the school is following a teaching pattern that is decades old and is missing the use of technology? The answer to this was with time the schools need to upgrade to new technologies and processes to encourage students for learning and also devour them with zealous education experience. To make this a possibility, the core duo (Darya and Inna) gave birth to CleverBooks for serving the gap between digital natives and digital immigrants.

Voice of the Brainchild

We help students to See, Hear and Touch the Knowledge.

CleverBooks put forth their step into this venture to adopt new technologies and innovative solutions that will nurture every student’s knowledge and become a part of their well-being. With the help of smart ways of delivering STEM subjects, this venture helps to develop 21st-century skills and foster kids to how to think rather than what to think. To ensure that the students are excelling to their maximum potential, schools in the first place need to provide them with paramount resources, which will boost their creativity and develop the required skills for their further professional journey.

Driven by a Customer-Centric Approach

CleverBooks has released several Augmented Reality based products for K-12 already and in the upcoming times is planning for releasing a new all-inclusive product. This functional product will cater to all the school levels for developing digital competency and the required technical skills. The products are designed in a manner, which is suitable for home and classroom likewise. The company delivers outstanding support and customer service with an agile approach by adopting customer recommendations and operating fully as a customer-centric organization. It believes that customers are the biggest assets and hence, it passes by the disruption in its sector by building products and solutions from its heart and soul.

“CleverBooks delivers the most innovative educational products based on Augmented Reality technology and traditional education aids for kids around the world. We strive to empower a new generation of progressive and creative children by delivering the most innovative solutions”, explains the company. It has a pool of talented students, who are the proud testimonials of the company and thoroughly cherish learning in such a fun and curative environment.

A Hi-Tech Holistic Platform

CleverBooks provides STEM-oriented global curriculum-based teaching and learning solutions for primary education. It has a myriad range of products for teaching and learning, which is empowered by Augmented Reality, as it is known as the technology of the future. Keeping this in mind, the company believes and integrates this technology in the present times itself.

The Augmented Reality enabled products are certified and global curriculum guidelines based. These products aim to develop and enhance interest and curiosity levels in STEM, create the base for developing 21st-century skills, and focusing on personalized learning through kinetic, audial, and visual educational approaches.

“Ease of use and straightforward benefits help a lot in teaching and learning processes. There are different types of AR: marker-based geolocation-based, QR code recognized and all of them have found applications in different industries. A combination of AR software and secondary components is widely applicable in different industry sectors”, concludes the company on the application of Virtual and Augmented Reality into the Modern World.

The Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality

We serve the educational sector with full devotion and care for kids who are our future.

Augmented Reality is making a big difference in the education sector. As visual technology, it has a massive power to make education interesting, thought-provoking, and personalized, when applied correctly to suitable subjects and school grades. CleverBooks highly focuses on this technology, as it has a big spectrum of applications and its main focus is to fully apply, integrate, and make it resourceful for the educational fraternity.

Incorporating this stellar technology in every school will be a boon for the students, the young minds of today will become the path-breaking leaders of tomorrow. As one leverages this technology more and more, the quality of software, graphics, and user involvement for it will also increase. In this manner, Augmented Reality will also further advance its application and growth.