Live Animations

Live Animations

The Flag Bearers of the AR/VR Industry

Established in 2014, Live Animations initially came up with the idea of augmented reality for children and families. Eventually, the company went through different products, applying AR to photos, t-shirts, packaging, and many other options, but it found success with school notebooks. The first print run (100,000 copies) was sold out in a few days, after which customers requested an additional batch. This was the first step of its “ladder of success”.

Today, the @Live Photo mobile app for revitalizing school notebooks has been downloaded by more than 5 million users. The company was the first in the world to create: Ice cream with AR-cartoons, the unique pastry loyalty program for the Timi brand, and a project that was launched with AR video mapping for a large International Light Show.

Primarily, after a rough start, the company has smoothly sailed through it and is successfully able to build some of the best innovative loyalty programs for retail as well as manufacturers of products for children and families.

The team at Live Animations has gained unique knowledge and technologies and gives a potential client an optimal solution by offering the best way to implement it. Currently, Live Animations is one of the market leaders in developing innovative loyalty programs using AR / MR / VR for brands and retailers. The logo of the company symbolizes that every child climbing the stairs touches the stars.

The Mastermind of Live Animations

The futuristic leader, Andreу Tymoshenko is the Founder and Majority Shareholder of the company. An innovator who perceives new ideas and trends earlier than others and introduces innovations into mass use. Andrey has an experience of more than three decades in entrepreneurship; he managed to open 15 different businesses, most of which were successful. He calls Live Animations his favorite brainchild. One of Andrey’s unique abilities is his ability to captivate other people with his ideas and ignite them with his big goals. Thanks to this, he managed to build a successful IT company and gather around himself a team of talented specialists who generate unique marketing ideas and translate them into a finished product with a high level of skill.

About a year ago, he transferred the post of CEO of the company to his partner, Yegor Pavlenko, who has been working at Live Animations since its inception and is a high-level specialist. Now Andrei deals only with strategic management but Operations activity is managed by a director whose main function is to put into practice the vision of the founder.

For Andrey, Live Animations is not just a business - it is an opportunity to make the world a better place. Here is what he says about augmented reality: “My dream is to create a new, magical, friendly and safe world that complements and enriches the existing reality. A world where all things come to life, delight people, provide them with the necessary information, teach something useful and help develop their abilities. A world where there is no mind-destroying content, but only sanity and aesthetics.”

The Areas of Core Competencies

Live Animations are driven by the desire to contribute to the technological development of mankind, directing innovation to preserve, and strengthen families, moral and cultural values of society, as well as to achieve the success of producers of useful goods and services. These principles are embedded in the corporate culture and are reflected in all products of the company. It also promotes this idea at all conferences, seminars, and constantly conducts educational events for young people.

Live Animations are some of the pioneers of using AR in marketing. The company has come a long way, corrected many mistakes and as a result, it has developed an effective organizational structure of the company, formed a strong team of professionals, perfected technologies, and compiled an optimal algorithm for working with clients. The reason is very simple - we love what we do, are competent in this and are honest with customers. If we see that the client’s idea is not optimal, or that some kind of marketing solution will not produce results, we will not be silent or make the product just to make money. We will directly tell the client about this and offer the best solution, if possible.

The company has completed 6 years in the AR/VR domain, Live Animations began to work at a time at the nascent stage of virtual and augmented reality. It is obvious to us that potentially these technologies could provide various companies with a high competitive advantage, yet it was difficult to explain to customers, what it is and what practical benefits it can bring for a particular brand.

During this period, it has implemented more than 55 projects and entered the top 3 major ratings among AR developers: Clutch, DesignRush, and Thinkmobiles. The company till date has developed and successfully launched projects for its customers in 50 countries that have brought in more than 150 million user interactions. It is proud of the high average rating- 4.5 for its applications and platforms. This year, it continues to focus on the development of innovative loyalty programs for retail and brands. In autumn, it will launch two major new projects in this area.

The Client-Based Approach

Live Animations works only in the B2B sector, mainly with leading companies as these market leaders usually look beyond the rest. Besides, the “leaders” want to maintain their primacy and are ready to invest in innovative marketing tools. Success for any project comes from proactive communication between two teams, the customer, and the contractor.

As for the industries in which the company operates its strategy, it has stuck to the roots of its specialization. The Live Animations segment is the development of loyalty products and programs for children and families, the AugmentEcom segment is solutions and tools for E-commerce. The most successful projects in recent years have become loyalty programs implemented through large network retailers these are Live Animations, ideal clients. For example, programs with AR books “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” were launched in supermarket chains in 2 countries - 882 stores in one country and 760 stores in another.

What Makes Live Animations Stand-Out?

The Live Animations team can generate unique ideas and solutions, highly artistic images of characters, locations, and scenes in augmented reality. The company has many of its know-how for developing the architecture of AR applications and platforms, as a result of which it achieves a high level of stability of its work and high user ratings. The company works with the client throughout the project i.e. even after completing the project it continues to support it, responds to user reviews, helps if they don’t succeed, quickly eliminates all bugs, and many more such issues.

The USP of the company is honesty combined with one of the highest levels of technical and artistic quality in the world at the best price. This is what it guarantees to the customer. As it turned out, this is a rather rare combination. It takes full responsibility for the project and will implement everything from developing an idea concept to its full implementation, further development, and technical support.

Today, AR / VR is actively used in the gaming industry, education, social networks, tourism, and marketing. The main properties of AR that the company uses is the ability to create new spaces and worlds, put additional benefits into existing real goods and spaces, and also cause an emotional response that invariably arises in the viewer when the user experiences the magic of a qualitatively made AR.

The Future Steps

The AR/VR space is growing at a tremendous pace and shortly the use of AR-, MR- and VR-technologies will become widespread. These technologies in the next decade will foster the development of the global IT market and will radically affect many areas of the economy. The first sign that demonstrated the power of AR was the game Pokemon GO. Now we see the widespread use of AR filters in social networks, as well as many successful applications in e-commerce and advertising. AR is gradually moving from entertainment to the education and marketing industries. Apple CEO Tim Cook rightly believes that augmented reality will have an impact on the world comparable to the advent of a smartphone.