Amplifying the AR/VR Technology to Numerous Platforms

The AR/VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality) technology has created a new domain for customers and is restructuring the user experience to new leaps. It is building a dynamic space for customers and is blending innovation and technology for bringing it into the day to day lives. The consumers are becoming interactive and broadening their visions towards the adoption of AR/VR technology. According to a survey, the AR/VR industry will reach a whopping number of $150 billion in revenue by 2020. With the consumer rise of AR/VR, there are many established and budding platforms that are looking forward to integrating AR and VR technology in their respective fields for successful advancements.

With the mission of Helping Machines Learn, Scanta is an Artificial Intelligence startup, which stepped forward into the AR/VR world out of sheer curiosity and embarked on the journey to create the new-age of AR/VR solutions and use-cases. Based in San Francisco, California, the company passionately works towards AI, Machine Learning, and all aspects of Data Science.

A Stellar Performer

A charismatic personality, Chaitanya Hiremath is the CEO of Scanta. He is also called Chad and has been involved in technology and related trends throughout his professional career. Chad is a dynamic and results-oriented leader with a strong track record of AR/AI in high-paced organizations, he utilizes keen analysis, insights, and a team approach to drive organizational improvements and the implementation of effective practices. His proficiency in augmented reality and artificial intelligence has allowed him to build a diverse team to increase the technological adoption of augmented reality across the market. Creating use-cases for upcoming technological platforms and developing relevant strategies for their implementation is central to his vision.

His expertise performance, diligent work profile and his visionary approach have made him the first Indian-origin entrepreneur to win the Shark Tank Showcase and also the prestigious Draper University Summer Pitch in 2018 in San Francisco, CA. Later in 2019, he was selected to be on the list of Top 25 People in Tech by Entrepreneur Magazine, after being chosen for Forbes 30 under 30 in the Startup Category. He was also chosen as the “Youth Icon” for 2019 by Fame India. Chad has an exceptionally talented team of digital natives, who work around the clock to build better realities and deliver standard AR/VR solutions.

A Word about the Show

Most recently Chad was featured on the Discovery Channel show “Expedition Unknown”. In the show, he was seen with Josh Gates helping him find a hidden treasure in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco using the AR/VR technology. Here, Chad uses cutting-edge software and recreates a digital version of the respective sculpture, to view it in real-time and space. This is done by scanning the model with a 3D Scanner, which helps in mapping thousands of data points with accurate dimensions and helps in recreating a perfect replica of the sculpture.

Comprehensive AR/VR Solutions and Products

“We are passionate about trying out new things and executing products generating from ideas.” Scanta focuses on cutting edge research and development in the AI field with core intellectual property in Data Augmentation and AR/VR. The company is well-positioned to deliver its core technologies to the world’s most influential AI companies. It offers wide-ranging solutions based on AR/VR technologies and has successfully created the largest library of AR Avatars called “Pikamoji '', which is the world's first AR emoji app. It has also built an Augmented Reality Game known as Polygons and a unique VR Chabot, which can talk, act, and understand one just as a best friend

The company also provides a widespread AI Services which includes Text Analysis, Voice Analysis, and Personality Generation. The Text Analysis section further includes Spelling Correction, Grammar Correction, Punctuation Engine, and Sentiment Analysis. Scanta has a dedicated blog section, where it extensively shares its ideas on technologies from the technical, business, and societal perspectives. Be it thought leadership to emerging trends or even touching topics related to controversial opinions, it believes in sharing its views with the wider community. “The degree to which AI improves and enriches our lives will depend on how well we teach machines to learn. At Scanta, we are focused on performing the research, uncovering the techniques, and democratizing our solutions”, adds the concerned.

Accuro is Scanta’s ultimate product which performs state-of-the-art data augmentation to help Machine Learning models. It can be used on various text-based Machine Learning tasks to help build better models by enabling them to see more data than before so as it can learn better.

Scanta’s core competency lies in technology and it constantly thrives in creating “Proof of Concept” based projects. “We work with Fortune 500 companies but are open to working with mid-large size companies depending on the project. Our happy partners include Microsoft, NVidia, Coca-Cola, Wendy’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts”, concludes the concern.

A Take on the AR/VR World

The AR/VR is one of the most innovative technologies, which offer the user a unique real-time experience and brings new perspectives into reality. With evolving times, the AR/VR technology is setting new standards and using the power of visualization to a maximum extent. There lies a reason behind why AR and VR have such an impetus impact on individuals, as humans are extremely visual species with the majority of their time viewing with their naked eyes giving them a closer look at what the world offers. This adds a different level of immersion to the user and opens room for higher engagement as free hands can be presumed for other tasks and make multitasking at ease.

However, there are certain drawbacks with the prevailing AR/VR technology, the major challenge over the last few years has been the pricing. The price point of the wearable has been on the expensive side, which makes the consumer adoption and sales ratio of these products hit a downfall. In the upcoming years, if the prices will significantly come down and then the entire consumer adoption market would be able to maintain the market expectations and further grow and scale their business to new heights. Scanta foresees strong growth in B2B AR/VR content solutions, as it has proven to add value especially in training new employees.