An Enlightening Realm for Accomplishing Study Abroad Breakthroughs

To guide aspiring students through the study-abroad process and ensure their success through our pursuit of motivated training.

Established in the year 2005, EduconIndia is amongst one of the top-rated Indian Medical Student Consultancies for Overseas Education. It bestows the students with best-in-class consultancy and become a recognized brand for Student Training and Consultancy Programs training Global Professional Entrance Exams, which include GMAT, USMLE, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL.

The Ferocious Leader

An influential leader and powerhouse of talents, Srinidhi is the Founder and CEO of EduconIndia. She holds the responsibility of strengthening the pillars of the institute and strives to make every student’s dream a reality. Srinidhi herself is one such example, who has manifested her dreams on every step of her journey and become a well-known name in the consultancy fraternity. During the initial days of her journey, after she discovered her passion for starting a consultancy, she had to overcome many hurdles along the way. This, in turn, made her strong and gave her the much-needed confidence to pursue her vision in the longer run.

“The foundation of EduconIndia was laid over 12 years ago when during one of my projects with my previous employer, I noticed that there were a lot of medical students who would approach to seek help on higher education. I realized that there was a huge gap and there were not enough quality consultancy options, especially for the medical students. Comparatively, while engineers had the gamut of options to pick from, medical students often turned back disappointed because they always intended to pursue PG in the U.S. but were mostly offered the Master’s program, which again is very different. A Master’s program will not get them a license to practice, whereas for getting a license to practice, there are different protocols that one should maintain. There is a vacuum which the Indian consultancies often failed to address, and that is when I perceived the idea of EduconIndia. I quit my job and vested my focus towards this and since then, we had been working with extreme determination for our young doctors. We had been successful in filling the void and in ensuring that the students are finally granted their license to practice”, expresses Srinidhi and gives us a sneak-peak of her journey.

Srinidhi with her fearless stature has shattered all the societal norms and has empowered many fellow women entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and become successful. She has set an ideal example of choosing a career that one loves and enjoys working for. She is her boss and with her power-packed performance, she has bagged herself the recognition of one of the most noted Overseas Educational Consultants in South India.

A Remarkable Collaboration

EduconIndia has a rich experience of 15 years and has successfully guided thousands of students in fulfilling their aspirations of graduating from leading universities around the globe including from the United States, Europe, Australia, and others. It is an official and exclusive partner of Kaplan Medical USA and exclusively hosts Kaplan’s Live In-Person Classroom lectures in India. It is honored to be associated with Kaplan’s expert global faculty, which in turn adds numerous benefits and mainly strengthens a student’s frame of preparation. With the help of Kaplan’s globally acclaimed USMLE Step 1 classroom lectures; the students can experience an excellent learning environment, which flourishes them with better results, self-confidence, and future goals. On a scale of 1 to 10, EduconIndia has secured a whopping score of 9.5 by the Global Educational Giant – ‘Kaplan’ for organizing the best classroom lectures globally.

“It wonderfully elated me to have been connected with Kaplan and to bring down their elite faculty to India and to train our students, however, it was on my shoulder to market in a very short span of time and spread the news across for the utmost benefit of the aspirants”, concludes Srinidhi.

A One-Stop Solution Platform

EduconIndia supports the students throughout their career journey; right from the initial application process to up until the student is professionally settled. There are multiple consultancies across India and the market is flooded with many promising to the best in the game, but there is a reason as to “why one should consider studying at EduconIndia?”, the answer to this is because it’s a unique kind of consultancy. It is well ahead in the race of other consultants, when it comes to getting the paperwork done for medical students and the licensing part, EduconIndia is not associated with universities. On the contrary, it works with the US government to get the clearance of licenses, get the paperwork completed, and finally do the admission procedure for its medical students into post-graduate specialty courses in the United States. The students receive a plethora of advantages which include broad study materials, self-assessing examinations, consultancy service, and future residential services.

For the first time in India, EduconIndia brought forth 7 elite global medical school faculties from the United States to Hyderabad, India. These professionals are best in the global market and are thought-provoking market leaders, who are authors of various well-known medical books and journals from around the world. With such impeccable amenities, EduconIndia aims to spread its horizon to many budding students, who want to make their abroad dream come true and become leading personalities, which mark a difference.

The Dynamic Team

For any organization to be successful, it is imperative to have a talented team of dedicated professionals and also trustworthy collaborations. Teamwork goes a long way and also builds a successful organization, Srinidhi with her team members aims to train the aspirants through their study-abroad process and ensures to work around the clock. More than just consultancy, the team of EduconIndia believes in offering the students with utmost guidance and become a companion in their respective journeys to bring forth the highest results and create a compassionate relationship. The team is highly focused and their workflow is well-planned with proper dates and times to maintain a dedication work ethical approach and execute according to the need of the hour.

“We create potential methodologies involving technologically-driven strategies to meet with flying success, the spectrum of abroad-study options”.

More importantly, the potential and significant team of VHonk has added paramount value in the offerings of EduconIndia and has played an essential role in the institute’s success journey. Putting their best foot forward, VHonk Digital Media and Marketing is a young, lively, and motivated team, who lead from the forefront to help EduconIndia find their digital presence. Right from the moment, once the prominence of these programs was explained, the team of VHonk was up on their toes; strategizing to the core, enquiring and researching on all marketing details, and driving the sessions to the targeted audience.

“I take this moment to thank the Founder of VHonk, Mr. Binesh Gaddam for executing all the plans consistently, driving the desired results. From what I have seen, I believe that they are the masters in Search, Social Media, and Content Marketing”, Srinidhi is grateful and holds the highest state of appreciation of VHonk.

The Final Words

Over the years, EduconIndia has been instrumental in making the ends meet and has worked diligently to achieve success in the field of consultancy. It has bagged numerous awards and has been entitled to esteemed International Business Magazines and grabbed eyeballs of students and their parents for being the ideal choice. EduconIndia has established its standards across South India’s Medical student fraternity.