Fractal Ink Design Studio

Fractal Ink Design Studio

Sculpting a Contemporary Canvas with a Digital Wave

Fractal ink was determined on the idea of building meaningful products rather than just innovative products. With this strong focus, we built our processes around the Indian context and slowly helped transform the mindset of the industry.

Established in 2010, Fractal Ink (FI) is a unique studio with a special talent of working towards “what if” rather than “what is”. The company is deeply embedded in the business of designing customer experiences around products and services. The sole reason behind incorporating this company is building a new landscape of Digital Experience in the country and help the clients from defining and planning the entire CX roadmap to designing and executing each intervention as a best-in-class experience. As an organization, FI has concentrated on its abilities and looking inside-out is its philosophy, which allows it to learn from its own mistakes and be ahead in the game.

The Exceptional Trio

Fractal Ink was formed when four designers discovered a common vision and a similar ethos. Three of those designers continue to run and grow the company to new heights. Tanay Kumar, the CEO and Creative Director is an alumnus of BIT Mesra and IIT Bombay, Priyanka Agrawal also an alumnus of BIT Mesra and Middlesex university in London is the COO and Heads Strategy and Geeta Suthar is an alumnus of JJ School of Architecture is the COO and Heads Business.

The company started with a humble beginning and today it is a celebrated name recognized for its specializations in user experience, user interface designs, and offering digital design services to clients from multiple domains. “We started with six people, from an initial setup in a garage-like office. While facilities were limited, our dreams and intentions were not restricted. Luckily for us, we were in the right place at the right time. The industry saw a rapid growth in digital technology adoption during the first five years of our partnership. The country was going mobile – the penetration of mobile phones was wide, deep and very quick. The industry realized that the way to reach its customers was through the phone and it felt like everyone wanted an app designed. That is when we kick-started our journey towards offering compelling and usable designs, driven by a deep understanding of consumer behavior and our clients’ business”, shares the trio.

Right from the initial days, FI was based on strong moral values, which helped it sail its ship to the harbor of success. The company believes that employees are the biggest assets in their premises and hence it fosters a strong relationship with them. FI leaders have broken the stereotypical phenomena of working as bosses and on the contrary, it focuses on team-work and working as partners. Working together as a team can lead the organization in the long run and hence it practices a zero-tolerance for politics in the office. Also, when it comes to risk tolerance, FI is at the top of the pyramid, it is fearless towards learning new ideas and shaping them into successful realities. Overall a leader is one, which takes the fall on behalf of everybody and passes on the accolades to the people who commit their lives to build your dream.

The Core Proficiencies

Over the past decade, Fractal Ink has come a long way and with a few directional changes, the company will conquer new success. One major transformation foreseen is that FI is now also involved at the strategic forefront than just design. The heavy data-driven technologies such as AI, deep learning, machine learning, M2M communications, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Generation (NLG) are driving the next generation of product design. Bringing data and AI-driven experiences into the design practices set FI apart from its competitors.

The company is looking forward to venturing into ethical design as the strong belief in the ethical practice of design at times brings the company head to head with some of its projects and gain words of appreciation from clients. The company highly focuses on instilling trust in its customers and with its strong and honest performance; FI is a catalyst for driving transformation within organizations making them stand-out amongst all. There are more than 120 + professionals working at different positions like researchers, designers, developers, and content producers, who provide services across the CX spectrum – Digital transformation consultancy, Digital Strategy, UX, UI, Brand consultancy, Front end Engineering, motion graphics, IoT, Voice Experience and more. Deep research, honed processes, a mindset oriented towards innovation and honest hard work, combined with bursts of inspiration have enabled us to deliver compelling solutions consistently –some of which have become gold standards in the industry.

The Customer-Centric Gamut

Banking, Finance, Entertainment, Commerce are some of the biggest revenue earners for FI. The company majorly serves in India, Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Fractal Ink has opened its doors for technological advancements and has been at the top of its game to see this era of mobility take over from the traditional mediums.

As the upcoming times belong to ubiquitous computing, FI will be interacting with technology daily and give rise to new dimensions in Human-Computer interaction. The next five years will see Fractal Ink move from being a leader in design to taking on challenges of this new world. The key drivers of Omni channel Consultancy, Voice Interactions, Immersive media, Artificial intelligence, and Deep learning will guide its design processes.

In the next five years, the company is marching and looking forward to establishing its identity with large digital ecosystems. Presently, Fractal Ink is not only present in India but has been able to reach in developing countries such as Africa, Bangladesh and parts of the Middle East, where digital is taking center-stage.

The Momentous Triumphs

Over the years, Fractal Ink has won many awards and recognitions under its name. To name a few of them are:

  • Awarded “India’s Best Digital Design Studio” continuously for the last four years by POOL design magazine.
  • Campaign Asia award for being the Silver winner in the Specialist Agency category.
  • Won CII Design excellence awards in the Digital design category consistently for the last 5 years.
  • Apart from the above, we have been awarded at Kyoorius, Adgully, MMA, and many other organizations during its journey.
  • Fractal has also been published as “One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Design Category” by many technology publications.
  • Also featured in “Top 50 Companies to look out for”.

Challenges are the Real Game-Changers

FI urges its employees to their maximum potential and also after every successful project; it pushes them ahead to take on bigger challenges. It also maintains a young atmosphere around its premises, as this leads to innovations and tackling issues become easier. One of the biggest challenges in recent times is to scale, for any organization to succeed; the employees play a vital role. The companies today need real-time thinkers and learners, but the new generation is completely swept by the get-rich-quick methodology. Hence, FI tries to instill patience and perseverance in its employees.

Turning challenges into opportunities is what best describes FI, one of the turning points for FI was when Microsoft launched its new GUI called Metro UI in 2012. When Microsoft focused on UX/UI and wanted to compete with IOS and Android, it was looking for a design house in India. After a test project, Microsoft engaged with the FI directly for three years retaining an average of six to eight people. It introduced FI to a wide range of large corporates and interesting start-ups, recommending that they work with the studio. This was a breakthrough for the company.