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Manhaday Consultants

A Financial Doctor Bestowing Financial Solutions at Its Best

We want to be a premier financial solutions provider and we aim to give business growth happiness to the client in their financial growth strategy.

Established in 2007, Manhaday Consultants Private Limited is a boutique investment banking firm situated in Mumbai, India. The firm was formed by senior finance and banking professionals, these veterans have a rich experience of more than two decades and were able to contribute towards the success of the organization. The management team of Manhaday has extensive experience in understanding business models / financial products / great insight of growth opportunities / financial gaps across sectors and this helps them to give innovative solutions for their growth opportunities for their client.

The firm offers a wide-ranging list of products and services, which include Growth Strategy Advisory, Merger and Acquisitions, Joint Venture, Fundraising –Debt, Private equity, International Technology tie-up, and CFO Services / Enterprise Risk Management. It has been recognized as one of the top mid-size investment banking / finance consultants firms by various magazines in India.

The Mastermind of Manhaday Consultants

An expert in the field of Corporate Financial and Investment Banking Services, Uday Hegde is the one who leads Manhaday Consultants. He has completed his MBA and over the years has gained proficient experience working for nearly 15+ years in a Senior Management Position in the Banking & Financial World and over the last decade in Investment Banking Business. Uday started working in the 90s when the NBFC was ruling the leasing and hire purchase lending sector. Here, majority of the big companies today were his clients back then and this was a learning phase for Uday in every sense, from getting the right products / structuring / right ROI and of course executing transaction with speed was the essence. Some of the innovative products were launched like a 0% ROI on retail loans and 100% lending on mortgages, sale, and leaseback for large electricity companies happened in the early 90s.

While working for financial institutions, Uday was one of the topmost successful professionals and now; his banking days colleagues / are now directors / heads / presidents in various financial institutions / banks across the country. Due to his comprehensive knowledge and experience, he used to get regularly featured on TV and is still a regular speaker at financial / economic seminars and events and, also mentors start-ups' world besides being strategy advisor to boards of SME / MSME companies.

Mr. Uday says, “What we did was coming out with new products and services every year during banking days and this is replicable in my present business, where we add new products and services every 2nd year Here we maintained a great relationship with corporate clients, lenders, and investors.” Besides local products and services we have now international financial which are very useful for Indian companies who are looking for growth opportunities and in the present scenario these products very well suit cash flow stress companies and NPA companies.

He is also the Director of SkyEarth Tradecom Private Limited, where he represents foreign companies and takes marketing rights / business development rights for India. Recently, the company has started doing the opposite of taking Indian companies nationally and internationally for Business Development. He is respected and recognized in the corporate world for his professionalism and the broad network he has developed over the years.

At the beginning of the Journey

Initially, Manhaday faced challenges of signing clients, as it did not have any big name on its visiting card but soon the firm started delivering the clients requirements with specific solutions and services with speedy execution capabilities, which made clients believe in Manhaday’s capabilities of delivering, trusting their resources, and in driving their growth strategy. With its dedicated performance, the firm has clients spread across India and also some international clients. Manhaday’s challenge is to up to the antenna and compete with the best in business. It is also into India Entry for foreign firms, which are looking at entering India in the form of investment / joint venture, acquisition, technology tie-up, etc.

Standing Tall Amongst Peers

Manhaday promoter’s insights regarding the industry and various sectors are a major contributor to its success, this, in turn, has helped its clients to find the right solutions and services for their growth story. In today’s time, even an experienced CFO lacks the knowledge of new products / services or falls short on thinking for “Out-of-the-box” ideas and this is where the Manhaday adds its key value. The relationships it has built with the financial lenders / investors and the corporate worlds are of great strength to Manhaday’s business model. Our latest offering of CFO services is now icing in the cake as this adds great value to the clients where we prepare completely for future financial growth, where we emphasis on compliance / process / having right business process / models, etc. The company has a massive network of international investment bankers, law firms / M&A networks, which helps it in the M&A activity and international finance for Indian companies. Even at these challenging times, we have queries from international M&A / Investment Banking firms for doing Joint Venture / acquisition with Indian companies.

Client-Base across Sectors

Being experienced finance professionals, Manhaday serves across sectors / industries, be it startups to large companies. It has clients from manufacturing, services, infrastructure, real estate, and more importantly today it also manages to serve the stressed clients and in need of new innovative solutions to jump back on track or look for growth opportunities. The company believes these types of clients and companies can bring big business for the next 2-3 years. Mr. Uday says, “here the problem lies with the client, he wants solutions as of yesterday, today and even after 6-12 months they discuss in the same language as we started talking six months back, but what they don’t understand is that even stressed proposals have to have a short term and long term strategy. ”For these clients, we are looking more international products and services.

In recent times, getting business seems easy, but raising finance (the right product / the right ROI / structure) is important and challenging. The typical traditional way of raising funds with the banks / NBFC is tough because of growing NPA or their process takes 6-12 months to even get a sanction / terms sheet, which was earlier done in 2-3 months and this overall is a downfall for this business model. Now even SME / MSME companies have to think like large companies and have to plan to raise different financial products / do international JV / do technical tie-up, etc.

The Present Scenario

The world is going through multiple challenges and even India, in particular, is no better. In the last couple of years, some of the NBFCs have undergone closure and even today they are facing operational crisis and the banking sector are going through its own challenges. As the world today is fighting the pandemic Coronavirus, the next 6-12 months we will see challenges never seen before for clients / lenders / investors and of course governments, We foresee the Indian government to come out with at least USD 90-100 Billion of stimulus packages and some other policy benefits for GST / payments / filing of IT returns, etc. Even the RBI along with the banking world will come out with benefits to clients in deferment of EMI / Interest and additional limits for WC. etc. and the world over Mr. Uday foresee at least USD 5- 7 Trillion being pumped by various governments into the system to get the world back on track. The present scenario will take at least 18-24 months to stabilize.

The Future Words

Before talking on future opportunities, we should thank the government for taking some bold steps in policymaking, like GST, opening up FDI in the defense sector, Make in India, Start-up India, reforms in the finance sector, etc. and so on. Here because of these changes, there is a great opportunity for SME / MSME companies to compete with big names and also grow exponentially but they will be looking for increased finance / better ROI / new products and international growth opportunities. The world is looking at India and I am sure our investment banking sector will be a major player to support this boom and this is one of the services Manhaday is focusing rigorously,” predicts Mr. Uday

Coming to the future, I will say one thing: India is at a very bright sport internationally and in the coming years it will be better than some major economies. The post-COVID-19 scenario will see few countries coming out very strong like China, India, Japan, and South Korea, and these countries will garner a major part of world GDP. India will become the manufacturing hub for many European and North American companies but a lot depends upon the government support and RBI / Financial sector support for the next 2-3 years.