A Dynamic Shopping Experience for all Digital Shopaholics

Established in December 2018-2019, SeekNShop.IO is a prominent technology-enabled company providing solutions driven by AI and natural language processing to bring the power of human understanding to e-commerce and enterprise search. Building a strong foundation and attracting the audience with new solutions and services is an ideal kick-start for any company. Initially, while working with Amazon and several e-commerce companies, the now founder realized that discovery and decision-making are the biggest problems when it comes to shopping domains in almost every field. Hence, in order to eliminate this loophole and provide the users with better user experience, the company developed and launched conversational recommendations, a one of its kind’s service, where an end-user can get product suggestions based on what he explains and not based on a random product he viewed.

The Visionary Leader

The Founder and CEO, SSVS Sarath is a seasoned innovator with more than a decade of experience in machine learning, data science, and product management. Being a veteran, he has extensive knowledge about consumer experience and enterprise as he worked for leading companies like Microsoft, Amazon, CA technologies, and other start-ups. He spearheads the various departments like Product Vision, Strategy, Roadmap, Sales and Customer Engagement apart from defining all the cultural and corporate aspects of the company.

Sarath has a path-breaking record of several patents on his name and plans to file 20 more for the company. In his career path, he has won 20+ innovation awards and each of his patents, inventions, and new product ideas are considered his greatest professional achievements.

“Every day is a challenge in Entrepreneurship and right now the biggest challenge is COVID-19 and we are proactively reaching out to our customers understanding how we can tackle this together, grow together, and work towards achieving targets”, responds Sarath keeping in mind the current pandemic.

A Potential Voice

“Our mission is to facilitate a digital shopping experience that gives the very best in-store shopping experience i.e., conversational and free-text. We believe that with the power of natural language understanding and artificial intelligence, the problem of discovery and decision making can be solved in a more efficient way than the current mechanisms”, highlights SSVS Sarath.

SeekNShop.IO works with the tagline “Seek and you shall find” and hence they are passionate about changing the way the Enterprise world discovers information, improving both accuracy and speed of discovery in the Enterprise. It has constantly challenged the status quo and has been innovative with its product offerings. For SeekNShop.IO, its customers are their biggest assets and so it is highly focused on its product and customers and does its best to deliver value to each customer regardless of their scale.

Amplifying Core Competencies with Customer-Centric Approach

SeekNShop.IO has grown in-house cutting-edge AI-driven solutions and leverages patent-pending algorithms in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Machine Learning for DeepSeek – Natural Language Search product (Voice Search / Chabot). Moreover, the company provides Inventory Insights and Search insights using Big Data Analytics.

Understanding the current need of this domain with detailed analytics and insights to transform an unstructured data to a useful one, SeekNShop.IO based in Hyderabad, holds a team of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts. These professionals have extensive experience in e-commerce and not just limiting themselves to this – they are also determined to solve the problem of product discovery and decision making in e-commerce and other domains which include Automotive Dealerships, Recruitment Portals, and Apps, Hospitals for Patient Record Searches, Real Estate Portals, to name a few. With just a simple integration of API, SeekNShop.IO has been enabling its partners’ multi-channel commerce with a search that addresses all types of complex user queries with on-point precision.

With its persistence performance and out-of-the-box approach, SeekNShop has won many top-tier customers from multiple industries like e-commerce, automotive, and enterprise companies spread across the US, UK, IN, UAE, APAC, and MENA, who are interested in taking search to the next level. SeekNShop’s API is domain-agnostic and applies to any domain with customers spanning across a large number of industries.

A Meaningful Present Day Contribution

To provide the users with the capability of searching the way they explain in a physical store, the API (DeepSeek), which is available via chat/text/voice and is pluggable into any interface seamlessly with less than two days of integration. Furthermore, the promising e-commerce solutions provider company’s commitments to customers are to offer more than 98% Search Relevance/accuracy, 30% improvement in conversions for Specific searches, and 80% reduction in ‘NO’ result or ‘Bad’ result pages. SeekNShop.IO award-winning API product also provides the capabilities of auto suggest, search merchandising, personalized search and has self-learning mechanism to improve accuracy and ranking.

The founder adds, AI is the new electricity, data is the new fuel, and IoT is the new engine. These technologies will become more pervasive and influence digital living in drastic ways. Presently, the ease of doing daily chores has simplified drastically within the last 5 years and the world has seen a technology explosion in the last decade and it is only going to grow exponentially every year. The team at SeekNShop.IO wants to be a part of this technological wave, keep leveraging its expertise to build innovative solutions for a day-to-day basis, and continues to work towards this vision.

A Distinctive Service Provider

SeekNShop Inc. nurtures a culture that instills strong core values such as customer obsession, invention, and simplification, priority to high standards, bias for action, diving deep, being open and respectful and being self-critical and accountable in its organizational workflow.

SeekNShop.IO is an exceptional Voice Search and Natural Language Search as a Service company in the market that can commit for more than 98% accuracy and capable of handling any number of product attributes/specs/descriptions/unstructured text and more. The product algorithm is continuously updated based not only on user derived inputs but also through self-learning. This ensures that the respective product maintains its key attributes like consistency, performance, and accuracy. During the process of building this product, Sarath and his skilled team had also built an Analytics Engine that can provide Inventory Intelligence giving detailed insights on user preferences and customer inventory.