SQuare Consulting

SQuare Consulting

Expanding the Business Realm through Ingenious Methods

Changing the business front by providing strategic consulting services and being the forerunners in Business Expansion Consulting & Franchise Management Consulting Industry in Surat, Gujarat, SQuare Consulting and Management Services was established in 2007 with the motive to upsurge the business world by incorporating the modern ways through technology. The company aims at expanding the businesses, whether small scale or large scale, by eliminating the age-old methods and implementing the new and rationalized tools and technology. Established as a progress promoter for businesses over different industries and markets to create bounteous and progressive opportunities for every employee and customer, SQuare Consulting has always chosen to stay close to providing an improved environment and grow the businesses by achieving prodigious upshots.

The company strives to work towards building new business models and brands by developing solutions to businesses that are much more operative and updated than the industry. The key strategy at which SQuare Consulting has its head high is to transform vision into reality by making Problems meet Solutions! The tagline for the firm provides a sense of belongingness and motivates the team to stand and come up with what is expected.

The Pioneer behind the Milestone

The diligent personality, Yash Bhatt is the Co-founder and Head of Public Relations & Corporate Relations at SQuare Consulting and Management Services. He is the backbone of SQuare Consulting guiding and acting as a forerunner for the company’s decision-making and implementation of policies for future expansion. Before working as a business consultant, Mr. Yash has headed the expansion and franchising part of various brands like Fusion Box, Namak Shamak, Pizza Swag, Heist, Rooster Fast Food, Singh Saab Di Rasoi, The Aromatic House Café and Eatery, Twisted Mazzo, The Dough Company and many more. Working as a sales guy for almost two decades, Mr. Yash has a journey through Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Strategy Development, and Optimization, which eventually gave him immense knowledge of the retailing and hospitality sector of the industry.

After toiling for long hours and securing a rich experience, Mr. Yash while describing his greatest professional achievement says, “It is difficult to be able to define one significant achievement as greatest but the fact that in the last 12 years, we have managed to cater to around 1, 93,000 customers across our 60+ projects is something that we would consider a great milestone on a professional level.” With Mr. Yash at the forefront, SQuare Consulting is surging ahead with all its foremost dissections working 24*7 to provide its services to all the various types of clients in the industry. To overcome the economic slowdown that brought a lot of distrust in the market for a long period, Mr. Yash launched his professional operations and zero abdication plans for clients who wish to have fragmentary support for their units.

The Mission and Vision That Guides Through the Highs and Lows

SQuare Consulting works by believing and walking on the path that is defined by its mission, vision and core values. The company aims to encourage businesses to excel in whatever they do and helps them to keep the flame ignited by ensuring they don’t forget where it all started. The organization visualizes the businesses to generate a storm of ideas and plans to be implemented, which will eventually energize the industry to outshine in revenue generation and making a brand. The company sets standards that are aimed at the creation of values from the presently available energies and convert them into appraisals that are hugely claimed in the marketplace. The basic tagline of “Solutions to every Problems” still is most effective in every way to empower the teams and businesses into working.

Competencies that Differentiate SQuare Consulting from Others

Describing the wind that stimulates the environment of the company and the voice that best describes the working and potentials of the firm, SQuare Consulting says, “Defining ourselves is something that is a tad bit difficult but as a brand we are proud, we are persistent and we are progressive. Proud of what we do, persistent with the approach of how we do it and progressive as we do not belong to the conformist mind set.”

The voice of the team clearly defines their way of working and the purpose to magnify the market through liberal businesses’ plans implemented in the industry.

SQuare Consulting is a solution-driven company aimed at being the driving force for the number of businesses, which work along with them to provide effective and modernized solutions eradicating the traditional and bookish methods that are being operated since several years in the industry and have lost their working effectiveness due to introduction of technology everywhere. The company enjoys success due to its mantra i.e. understanding the demands from the end customer. Most of the consulting companies fail to understand the requirements and needs from the end customer and hence are unsuccessful in delivering the product that is expected. SQuare Consulting focuses on client satisfaction and understanding, after all, it is the end consumers, who run the market and businesses and those who do not take their customers seriously eventually perish.

Serving Various Industries and Contributing to Rationalizing the Market Place

SQuare Consulting works on three major aspects included in its consulting services. The three areas are Hospitality, Franchising, and Retail. Hospitality refers to Setup, Operations, Optimisation, and Establishment of Business models that can be either new or existing. Franchising embodies making sure that any business, brand, person or a group can become a franchise and propagate towards collaborative growth in the right direction and last but the least. Retail which exemplifies is the retail value attached to it and how that value is multiplied with more visits by customers and first choice given by the end consumer to a particular business, brand, product or service. In this case, retail becomes the most important aspect.

SQuare Consulting defines an ideal client as the one who is ready to equally contribute and is interested to invest in the long-term value creation by making sure the advice and assistance provided by the company are given priority to ensure the betterment of his / her business with a customer-centric approach. This helps the company and businesses to safeguard the importance of the true value creation of the business model. The shift in economic paradigm for the inclusive businesses running around the country has been fluctuating and eventually creating a matter of concern for a lot of people involved in generating wages in the industry. Although it has been trouble at the same time it also paves away for an original and additional value-oriented approach to business, hence giving chances to idea generation. According to SQuare Consulting, Cloud Kitchens, Lean models, fresh and gourmet food, local ingredients are all means that bring long-term growth.