Synergy Technology Services

Synergy Technology Services

Providing Customized IT Services to Every Domain around the Country

Making a name in an industry like information technology is not everyone’s cup of tea. Through their determined performance, passionate zeal, and lots of hard work through the years, Synergy Technology Services (STS) has created its brand in the IT industry. Providing end-to-end and cost-effective solutions to every critical problem until the client satisfies is what compels the company to be motivated and output even better than before. Founded in 2006 and today with the size of 175 members, STS has come a long way. From being a NASSCOM listed IT Services Company to successfully delivering over 1200+ man years of projects, 100+ projects across business verticals in the past 13+ years while providing clients in 8 countries with strategic insights and assisting them to surmount the marketplace.

The Guiding Light of STS

With a right blend of business management skills and technical know-how, playing a pivotal role in expressing the idea of constant knowledge by filling the knowledge gaps and meeting the performance goals with his focused attitude, and having an experience of 22+ years in the information technology industry, Mr. Ajay Lulia has been leading several development teams through augmented technology environments flourished in exciting, inspiring, and fast-paced IT organizations and delivering advanced technological systems, solutions, architectures, and applications. Having founded Synergy Technology Services in 2006, Mr. Ajay is presently the Co-Founder & CTO of the esteemed organization.

Through networking and interaction with several clients and customers, Mr. Ajay has developed extensive skills that assisted him while working along with the clients and understanding the requirement to provide accurate solutions. While describing his achievements Mr. Ajay says, “STS started with a team size of 6 people and STS currently has a strong team of 175 members. One thing that was missing was to train them on new technologies and I had two options, either hire some training company or create a small team to do research and then deliver the learning to teams within the organization. So I choose to create a small team and named it “Synergy Accelerate”. The objective of the Synergy Accelerate team is to research various technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, RPA, etc.”

Mr. Ajay believes that challenges are a part of life. A similar case went with creating a base with big data and BI. However, with their dedicated hard work and along with the supreme of Mr. Ajay, STS was able to manage the resource department and got the Synergy Accelerator team in place to learn and provide the training to particular teams, in addition to getting POC in place along with a neat dashboard within the provided time frame.

Company’s Mission and Vision

STS mission is to step up as leaders in providing IT services and solutions by delivering high-quality services to ensure client satisfaction. To keep the team motivated and the work going, STS inculcates the moral values and ethics in every member of the company. STS endeavours to create solutions that are niche, quality-centric, and cost-effective. The company manages to identify the needs and desires of various clients as well as provide them with solutions that are ground-breaking and discrete for the customer and the market.

To work efficiently inside an organization, it is important to keep a positive, moralizing and motivating environment. For achieving the goal, STS makes sure to maintain the values that hold the team and client relationship together with the working culture inside the organization. The thirst for excellence boosts the company to aim at adding value to businesses to achieve new benchmarks in the Information and Technology Industry through dedication and commitment. Every stride of STS indoctrinates the values that are persistent, complete, and communal. All the policies and plans which are proposed to execute are intended to serve the employee’s well-being and happiness.

A Fuel That Keeps the Success Light Burning

For a company like STS bestowing offerings in Application Services, Digital Business Services, Integration Services, Testing, Mobility, DevOps, Analytics, Product Development, IoT (Internet of Things), and Cloud Services, it is necessary to keep the firm updated and renewed from time-to-time. STS believes to provide solutions with an end to end approach, which can cover a large spectrum of application areas such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence. The evolving business requirements today, runs parallel with the vibrant changes all around the industries, whether on base level or managerial level. STS relies on the fact that the industries should work with dexterity where it becomes easier to serve the market demands. STS focuses on emphasizing on the business to properly and productively consume the available resources and thus, translating into a higher return on investment. All of which goes for accomplishing the business objectives in the form of pioneering and efficient solutions.

The organization works on the principle of Conceive, Implement, and Solve. The team works according to this principle. The thought encourages the team to put their heart and soul to absorb the problem and come up with solutions that are not only effective, but also set their benchmark for the IT industry as a whole. Through their teamwork and potential, the team at STS can develop solutions and provide the clients with a customer experience management model, where the relationship develops through networking and effective communication. The amoebic architecture of the software and the ease of customization demarcated the way the clients look at their customer management.

Providing Expertise Solutions to Industries All Over the Globe

Synergy Technology Services aims to provide expert solutions to clients from various sectors of the business realm. With the presence of consummate solutions and rich experience of team and technology available, the organization can provide centralized solutions to help the industries meet business requirements. STS believes to discover and modernize composite solutions and services for the clients by making the abundant use of technological advancement, hence helping the industry to speed up the process of growth for the economy. STS, with its methods applied to digitalize the industries, has successfully contributed to change the working approaches and procedures of business in the IT sector. STS has worked on various verticals, however, STS has worked extensively in BFSI, Media & Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail, and Technology.

STS defines an ideal client as the one who believes to work as a partner to subsidize the development of state-of-the-art solutions to outcome a successful project rather than working transactional. The team at STS offers IT services by integrating niche technologies along with business process capabilities that ensure the delivery of high-quality business solutions, which ultimately serves a better interest on investments to customers waiting for solutions and services in application management, cloud services, mobility, e-commerce services, enterprise content management, open-source customization, and testing.

In order to supply easy to maintain, scalable, and reliable solutions to embrace the unfolding, the company manages to proficient the functioning of the industry and frame stratagems and tactics to overcome the hindrances waiting in the future. STS has worked with innovators across verticals such as BFSI, Media & Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail and Technology sectors to expand the productivity and functionality of the business needs from time-to-time. The company dreams to bring the drive to the extreme perspective out of a business with major consulting services and offering ground-breaking solutions to bring forth the change by being the transformation catalyst themselves.