A Protagonist Changing the Dynamics of the Cyber Security Forum

“To provide niche technology to organizations and leverage that towards improved security and probability, with support to bring about a shift in consciousness, resulting in health and well-being.”

Established in 2013, Technopilot is a one-stop destination for myriad solutions ranging from National Security, Business Success Coaching to Energy Healing for organizations and individuals. Be it any small or big company operating in India or at an International level, Technopilot provides top-notch offerings, develops skill sets, and acquires the resources required to operate a successful enterprise.

At the heart of the company, there lies a core frontier research team that works around the clock to herald the technology of the future into the present day and ensures the best potential cybersecurity services on an affordable budget. It specializes in harnessing the best of frontier technology to give any respective customers a secure operating environment by using advanced techniques like Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Nanotechnology, Quantum Physics, Visualization and The Law of Attraction. With exceptional and diligent work ethics, the company strives to make the world a better place to reside for generations to come. The key drivers of Collaboration, receptivity, empathy, intuition, resilience and sensory awareness are essentials that the company will activate during "My Leadership, My Brand" to further develop the company’s leadership and potential.

“We are an organization working hard with the technologies of the future, some of which are not even being researched in any university to date, and using them to herald a new future for societal advancement, improved living and social conditions. More than profit-making, we would like to be known as a company that caused disruptive and cataclysmic changes in the way we now live, think and do business” is the voice of the brand.

An Adept Leader Yielding a Righteous Foundation

A veteran personality, Dr. Reji Kurien Thomas is the Founder of Technopilot. He is a highly commended former Naval Commander who has spent his lifetime in the pursuit of frontier technology. He is an avid aviator, who has extensive experience of more than two decades in military service aviation. The foundation of his successful career was built from the best institutions around the world, which include Stanford University USA, Kent State University USA and IIT Delhi. He has obtained several Doctorates / undertaken pioneering research, in the niche areas of Computer Science, Network Security and Alternative Medicine with a Fellowship in Corporate Social Responsibility from New York.

Dr. Reji has a unique distinction in conceptualizing and developing niche projects in the Indian Navy including Naval Intranet in 1998, Navy-wide enterprise E-Learning in 2004, Malware Analysis Lab in 2008, securing Naval networks and in TEMPEST. The intellect has also worked at the highest echelons in Network security in India including with the NSA, DRDO, and securely hardening the Indian communication backbone infrastructure.

With such exceptional performance, he has bagged numerous titles under his name; he has been a Gold Medalist in every course undertaken in his career and is a world-acclaimed authority in the fields of Quantum Science, Cryptography, IT Security, and Technology enhancement. His company has won multiple recognitions and awards, to name a few of them are “Top 50 Technology Innovators and Visionaries” at INTERCON 2019 at Dubai in Oct 2019, “Emerging Technology Initiative” at FINNOVEX awards at Dubai in March 2019, “Excellence in Encryption” award at FINSEC – The Banking Security Summit at Dubai, UAE, March 2018, and is featured in several magazines for Best in Country Media Survey Awards. Dr. Reji’s vision has sphere-headed the firm in its first 5 years of establishment it is featured in the list of “50 Fastest-Growing CEOs in India - 2017”, Winner of “Company of the Year – Energy Healing – 2017”, “25 Most Valuable CEOs in India” in 2018, “10 Best Security Companies 2018”, Annual Roll of Honor in 20 Most Promising “Cyber Security Solution Providers”, “The 10 Fastest-Growing Brand in 2019” in leading globally published prominent magazines.

Core Capabilities of the Organization

Technopilot bestows a comprehensive range of services, out of which the energy healing services are backboned on its trademarked Divine Grid Healing. The Divine Grid Healing is concerned with helping all the clients to access information and therapies that will create healing in every aspect of their lives on every level of the body, mind, and spirit. The Healing modality works with mathematical and defined scientific laws, which include the manifest process, high vibration energy, and its application in the universe.

The company specializes in proactive threat protection and develops software that reacts immediately to new and emerging threats and protects users in real-time. The team of Technopilot realized that it needs to embody newer frontier technology and methodology, including usage of Scalar waves, towards achieving one-of-a-kind enhanced Threat Intelligence and Protection in the Cybersecurity domain.

An economical Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication algorithmic rule appropriate for Wireless Network, Cryptography for Wireless sensing element Networks and use of Scalar Energy implement the immoderate secure networked system as well their operators, are also being developed at its R&D labs. These cutting-edge mechanisms make the company a niche operator in the global arena.

The Art of an Impetus Business

Technopilot is driven by a customer-centric approach and believes that as one practice giving, there are doors that life opens for the abundance of receiving. The company cherishes a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere, which helps strengthen the bonds and makes working together with a healthy trustworthy experience. Also, it uses the principle of ‘Change Management’ conducted by its management and executives, to promote initiatives and services for bringing in effective changes that employees’ can cope with.

The company works with the mantra of “Logic + Emotion= Gets Successful Changes”, hence it follows an ideal relationship of mutual respect and communication with its employees and treats them as assets. The organization considers that “Everyone is Change Agent”, working as a team and empowering each other by uplifting visions and fostering innovative forces will help take the business to new places. “We also believe in opening two-way communication channels to garner ideologies, towards promoting our services using niche technology mediums in vogue today.”

A Word on Challenges

Technopilot’s approach towards failure is realistic and crisp, it believes that failure is a part of the process and it is a tool for new lessons that further guide to the destination of success. The biggest challenge for the company has been to practice its Mission and Vision Plan in synergy with the existing infrastructure in the world. The company had to make suitable adjustments to fit its frontier technology to dovetail with the existing scenario.

Dr. Reji recites that there are multiple challenges that a company faces with each passing day, be it in its nascent phase, developed stage, or successful period. During the times of hurdles, Dr. Reji explains one starts to drown in the pool of realities and considers it be the end of the world, while on the contrary, it is opposite to it, as challenges are the path-breaking lessons and also the best thing if one looks at it positively.

“About two years ago, I was running my company smoothly and successfully. Things were going with ease that I decided I could dedicate less time to running my company and instead spend more time working on a new startup for which I was excited. I started spending more time on the new startup, as it was new and interesting. Most of all, it was fun working on a new venture. But learned a big lesson that one needs to continually and relentlessly pursue what we originally started and that no organization runs automatically”, concludes Dr. Reji.

Momentous Strides towards Security Solutions

“Do you need Technology Enhancement, IT Security, Business Success Coaching or Energy Healing Solutions? We provide solutions fast!!!”

The interconnected world grows at a lightning speed, where many things happen within a fraction of a second. One such common business activity is hacking; the hackers are the criminals of the digital world leaving a lethal impact on growing business by their illegal techniques of hacking. To protect the clients business from hackers, spam, and malicious websites, the team at Technopilot offers its clients with hi-tech solutions like ongoing investment, breadth of solutions, independence, expertise, service-the client way, reducing the cost and complexity of security without compromise, application security, security intelligence, get a head start on future security challenges, and strengthen and simplify your security.

A security solution from Technopilot helps reduce costly threats by giving combined network and physical security for a more comprehensive approach that meets the needs; layered security that helps protect from hackers, spam, malicious websites, identity theft, and more; highly secure access that helps workers and visitors safely connect to the business, highly secure storage that gives the capacity to protect and back up data, video, and images. Also, the penetration tests are a component of a full security audit and Technopilot has built a cost-effective process for suitable environments that provides top-notch network security and reduce the risks.

Technopilot delivers customized solutions to its clients and guides them throughout to manifest their ambitions at every step of their journey. This, in turn, makes the clients transform their companies into powerful business entities, force multiplier and enabler to help them attain a vision for their dream business and derive exceptional business growth.

A Look at the Existing Numbers

The cybersecurity industry is growing at a rapid speed and it is evident that the Application security domain is likely to develop at the highest CAGR in the next 5 years. To build a powerful enabled platform, the cybersecurity companies are developing safe and secure network infrastructure for devices linked through it.

Here are few of the stats that represent the future of the cybersecurity industry:

  • As per Forbes, the worldwide cybersecurity market is defined by market sizing estimates that range from $77 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020.
  • The global cybersecurity market is expected to reach approximately $190 billion by 2025 and will be driven primarily by increasing digitization wave and smartphone penetration.
  • The First Edition of Cyber Security India Conclave 2017, mentioned Building India's Cyber Security Framework, Securing FinTech Companies, Securing Smart Cities and IoT devices, Creating one million cybersecurity experts and 1,000 cyber start-ups by 2025, and Strengthening Data Protection and Cyber Security Laws.

Exploring the Path Ahead

Presently the company is working on frontier technology of the future in the field of quantum physics, a few projects of which are already implemented and in place. “A lot more new technologies would have come out of the testing phase of the Technopilot Labs and we would be making hardware as well as embedded software inclusive of quantum components to run them. Many of our products would have found the way into people's homes more as a basic necessity than as a luxury”, concludes the concern.

These have gained enormous success and are looking to disruptively change the phase of society to that of success, well-being, and positive transformation. In the given times, Technopilot has been working on many projects in major cities in India and a few in the Gulf region and the USA. The company looks forward to opportunities in both the consumer and enterprise segment. It is focusing on strengthening its channel ecosystem and increasing the presence in India across tier 2 and tier 3 cities. By 2021, it would like to be present in all channels of distribution to reach out to potential customers and provide flexibility in licensing by partnering with Managed Service Providers.

The team at Technopilot is developing the security systems of the future, embedded with multi-layered Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Nano-technology dovetailed with Laws of Quantum physics and using esoteric laws, which are not much in vogue in the existing time.

It has a strong urge that with the help of its healing mechanism, individuals will be able to experience a larger than life environment. The company plans to expand its horizons to make people more aware of the energy around them. By these high-frequency energies, the individuals will grow and succeed to their highest potential and make their dream lives a reality. “We can spend the rest of our lives in peace, harmony, in growth and sync with nature”, conclude the company.