Engineering For Kids

Engineering For Kids

Speaking Creative Engineering Since 2009

With each passing day, the Educational industry is gaining a stronghold around the early childhood learning and development arena. Satisfying parent demands with proficiency, several franchises are now providing center-based child care.

However, with hundreds of franchise opportunities at the helm, there are a few which have the potential to make a difference. Engineering For Kids® (EFK) is one such state-of-the-art franchise making science, technology, math, and engineering interactive and fun.

Traversing Beyond Teaching

Exploring engineering concepts to the core, Dori Roberts stands tall as the Founder of EFK. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Math and Science Elementary/Middle School Education and Master of Science in Technology Education from Old Dominion University, Dori started teaching engineering at a local high school in Virginia. Her eleven years of experience being a teacher and an advisor of the Technology Student Association earned her exemplary expertise and repute.

While her students were receiving numerous accolades across different categories of engineering competitions all over the United States under her aegis, Dori acknowledged a real lack of math, science, and engineering programs. In 2007, she introduced her son and daughter to the engineering projects placed at some competitions. Seeing their response and desire to be the next-gen engineers filled her with enthusiasm.

Recognizing loopholes in the curriculum and her kids’ love for engineering projects, Dori embarked on a journey to curate an engineering education program for kids.

Taking the Centre Stage

Dori’s inspiration to roll out an intuitive learning platform made her the pioneer of an after school Civil Engineering class. The positive feedback from parents, students, and administrators drove her to shape the cornerstones of EFK in 2009. The edifice offered summer camps, birthday parties, after-school programs, and evening classes at local community centers and schools.

Later, the consistent endeavors of Dori transformed a brick and mortar corporate location into a full-fledged franchise opportunity. Keeping flexibility at the top, this franchise is running programs through partnerships with local school districts and organizations. It’s unlocking the doors to open its traditional locations.

Today, EFK has successfully established its name amongst the multinational franchise biggies with over 100 locations worldwide.

Breakthrough Enactments

EFK was solely driven by the commitment and passion of Dori who kept no stones unturned to be a farsighted owner. Now, the foundation has a pool of professionals that plans, implements, executes, and achieves short as well as long-term goals with excellence. It has truly grown stronger through leaps and bounds.

Talking about EFK’s journey so far Dori says, “As we have grown, we have maintained placing a high value on finding franchisees who truly align with our mission instead of just partnering with everyone for the numbers.” She further proclaimed, “We look for longevity in our franchisees, and we never want to lose sight of the importance of staying connected, and giving back to, our communities.”

The Engineering For Kids® Foundation is continuously striving to connect the dots of intuitive learning context and is bridging the gap between at-risk youth and affordable educational programs at its best. The edifice is sponsoring students to align with vetted mentors for a six to eight-week program. This span is comprehensively stimulated by the franchisee heavily investing their time.

EFK emphasizes on developing and deploying an array of resources for its franchisees to help them keep up with times and stand against all odds. It outlines its existing veteran owners to develop systems that would prove beneficial for the newer owners. This collaboration is what helps the owners to run each operation distinctively and be at the forefront of success.

A Diverse Ambit of Programs

Emancipating opportunities to learn S.T.E.M., EFK contours a diverse proprietary curriculum with its pragmatic content and tech-enabled programs. These programs include aerospace, mechanical, environmental, civil, chemical, robotics, electronic game design, software & hardware engineering, etc.

It’s a first-of-its-kind franchise opportunity to propose aerospace engineering programs that encourage students to design and build rockets, parachutes, and lunar landers at such an early age. Various other exclusive agendas are concentrating on Lego kits. Apart from all this, EFK also offers versatile mechanical engineering programs that help kids embrace the fundamentals of designing and building roller coasters, sails, and catapults.

Aiming for Better

Speaking about EFK’s plans Dori says, “Since the start of Engineering For Kids Foundation, we have had the chance to see our mentors benefit from the rewarding experience of helping a child gain confidence and knowledge while having a good time. These mentors are juniors and seniors in high school, and already are shaping the future of the generation that will follow them.”

“It has always been our goal to inspire the next generation of engineers. Children are our future, and by giving them the tools and the passion for S.T.E.M., we equip them to not only develop fulfilling and successful careers but set them up to find solutions for both the problems we struggle with today and the ones we will encounter down the road,” she stated further.

EFK is empowering students, mentors, parents, and society as a whole. It’s all set to expand its horizons across many communities possible. It’s on its way to cast out numerous franchise opportunities nationally and internationally. Transfiguring the educational realm, the foundation is on a mission to keep inspiring the young and inquiring minds with the crux of engineering.

The foundation is seeing itself as a dominant host of S.T.E.M.-related fields. It will put its best foot forward in resonating the significance of education alongside assimilating a unified, cooperative approach to learning. Preparing today’s students to fight failures with confidence, EFK aims to create great engineering leaders for tomorrow.