Franny’s Farm & Franny’s Farmacy

Franny's Farm & Franny's Farmacy

Changing the Healthcare Realm with Hemp at the Helm

The recent decades have witnessed an exceptional growth of the Cannabidiol (CBD) industry. This growth has engrossed numerous product-based ventures focusing on capitalizing the market and creating a niche. However, there are a few with the potential to float an extra mile and procure a vertically-integrated CBD supply chain.

Introducing Franny’s Farmacy, a brand, defining the mission-driven narrative with its holistic approach. From stirring farms and processing plants to manufacturing and distribution, the franchise is a name synonymous with consistency and quality.

Its umbrella of custom CBD and Hemp products include Tinctures, Topicals, Edibles, Smokables, Pet Treats, and the all-time famous natural Gummies. The brand’s Franchise, White/Private Label, Wholesale service offerings are what helps it to provide an unforgettable experience to its recipients.

Meet the Visionary Leader

A woman leading with integrity, consideration, and ethics, Franny Tacy is the Founder of Franny’s Farmacy. Her childhood always drooled over the dreams of living on a farm and exploring the exquisiteness of massive meadows.

After completing a Forestry program from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and a Graduate Degree in Education from TN State University, she gained hands-on expertise in pharmaceutical sales. Managing a $10 million territory for over a decade and experiencing corporate American industry operations boosted her resilience to plan, strategize, analyze, monitor, and achieve profitable outcomes.

However, her contemplating prowess acknowledging loopholes in the healthcare system motivated her to transform her youthful dream into a reality. She was driven by her father’s teachings that someone has to bring in change and she can be the change.

As such, going beyond societal judgments, she started planting Hemp with her husband’s support. Their combined experience, skill sets, and determination made Franny Tacy the First Female Hemp Farmer across North Carolina in over 75 years.

In 2018, she became the first-ever woman to deliver a TEDx Talk on ‘Hemp as a Crop’ revealing its uses and possibilities to revitalize the entire US agro-economy as well as communities.

The story which started as a Pharma-to-Farm imperative, soon turned into Franny’s Farmacy educating thousands of farmers in business alongside withstanding a brand new industry that was illegal not too long ago.

Cultivating Successful Milestones

It was 2012, when the farming operations deep-rooted and embarked on a journey to make a difference. From growing the first hemp in 2017 to opening exclusive dispensaries in Asheville and Hendersonville NC in 2018, Franny’s Farmacy was persistent enough to be at the forefront of success.

Later, the successful initiation of manufacturing and distribution imperatives gave the brand the needed flight to roll out its franchise opportunity in May 2019. Laid on a foundation of robust litigation, capital, corporate framework, and optimized growth, Franny’s Farmacy converted every challenge into an opportunity.

Today, under Franny’s aegis, the brand is spearheading 5 Franchises in 4 states, NC, SC, GA, and CT, and 3 corporate stores with 2 in Asheville and 1 in Hendersonville. Over the years, the brand has developed and mastered recipes and manufacturing systems for over 50 custom, premium Franny’s products. Apart from all this, its distribution has successfully raised $535 thousand with approximately 840 investors in two prior, fully oversubscribed Reg CF raises.

What’s So Distinctive?

Living by its mission statement ‘Seed to Shelf, Hemp, and Health’, Franny’s Farmacy stands unshakable with its admired Certificate of Analysis (COA) approved products. Consumers have the privilege to trace their QR code inscribed products back to the farm and crop. That’s what helps the brand in achieving customer loyalty in today’s CBD world.

The franchise is determined to keep up with the changing commoditization times and is outshining its competitors with utmost zeal. Where other brands are struggling to communicate with their consumers, Franny’s Farmacy is unlocking numerous growth opportunities for its franchisees alongside embracing a multitude of education programs and collaborations.

Talking about its distinctiveness, Franny says, “With a brand like Franny’s Farmacy, consumers know what they’re getting when they see our labels, and more important where it comes from. This is why a Franny’s Farmacy franchise makes the most sense for both the franchisees and the communities that they bring our products to.”

“Each franchisee is given Franny’s Farmacy’s data-backed, revenue growth strategy. Paired with our easy fulfilment support, franchisees are supported by a professional team to help them achieve their growth goals,” she added further.

Team Franny’s Farmacy is proficient enough to offer comprehensive assistance around credit card authorization, point of sale, lending, insurance, etc. Franchisees are backed by vetted education and training modules showcasing buyers’ guides, product descriptions, consumer data, video tutorials, technology insights, and much more. The brand’s pool of professionals shares their marketing expertise with all the franchisees to help them steer the online market and achieve their goals with excellence.

A Farsighted Pathway

In today’s ever-changing dynamic world, the franchise is consistently striving to orchestrate its hemp business beyond the horizons of expansion and accomplishments. It has set forth on a path, established all the businesses, have vertically-integrated to secure supply chains, and can scale with success.

Since its inception in the cannabis space, it believes that true success lies in ‘Helping others Gain Success’. With mounting franchise opportunities and easing federal regulations & legal restrictions, Franny’s Farmacy is well-equipped to proliferate its dispensaries across the country in the coming times.

Speaking more about its prospects Franny says, “We are poised and have been considered by investors. Our brand was built on my mission and vision and that will stick with me and the company as we enter into new collaborations, partnerships, expand and bring CBD and hemp into the mainstream. I am committed to the greater good and have new exciting expansions in the works.”