Jade Clinics

Jade Clinics

A Premium Lifestyle Clinic Transforming Lives with the Art of Electrolysis

Established in 1989, Jade Clinics is a family-owned and operated business with its roots starting in British Columbia. With expertise in this field, it offers personalized services in the Medical Esthetics Field under the regulation of proficient specialists. The clinic aims to end the torment of unwanted hair through electrolysis and provide its customers with a delightful experience.

Jade Clinics meticulously manages the staff, franchises, administration, and the client through the day-to-day operations with respect and assistance.

The Woman of the Hour

A dynamic leader, Jennifer Desloges, is the Founder and President of Jade Clinics. She is a self-made entrepreneur and has excelled in the medical esthetics field for over three decades specializing in electrolysis. She believes that clients are the most significant assets, and hence she works with a client-driven approach for excellence. Initially, in her early days, Jennifer had a personal struggle with hair due to polycystic ovarian syndrome, which later turned out to be a blessing for her. She has written a chapter in a collaborative women’s book and has been on TV several times speaking as an expert in her field.

Over the years, she has spread her wings and has expanded Jade’s outreach to 11 clinic locations, which gives her a sense of fulfillment. Yet, undoubtedly having two amazing children is the greatest achievement of her life. She cherished every moment of their upbringing and now has the pleasure of seeing them working with her at Jade Clinics. Her daughter Janine Jost is a franchisee owner, and her son Marc works at the office as the Vice-President. During her leisure time, Jennifer enjoys playing board games with her family at home and going to a Vancouver Canucks game with her husband, Marcel.

Inspired by Michelle Obama’s quote: “Success isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about the difference you make in people’s lives”, Jennifer, who manifested her dreams at each step of the journey reminisces her humble beginnings and contributes to the service of the customers above all. “I started this journey over 30 years ago, with the hope of creating a solution for an issue I was dealing with. To look back at that today and know I am providing the same solution for countless other individuals is a responsibility I take very seriously. Every Franchisee /employee I bring into the brand; I strive to make them feel the same motivation to provide the results our brand has become recognized to deliver”, Jennifer’s words of wisdom on her journey.

An Eye-Opener in the Cosmetic Forefront

The electrolysis technique has been in the industry for a while and has been filled with rumors and folklore. This taboo has been the case throughout the profession because of the unwanted stigma hair posed on society. In the past, no one wanted to talk about their hair problems; the introduction of Laser Removal in the early 2000s helped break down these walls, and people became more comfortable talking about and seeking solutions for their hair problems.

A Centre for Distinctive Amenities

With a tagline of “Transforming Bodies, Transforming Lives,” Jade Clinics has built a reputation through their results and safety practices. The clinic stands out among its competitors as it has an army of practitioners, who are committed to delivering the best results to their clients. Jade Clinics has standardized the surgical microscope and local anesthetic (freezing like a dentist) throughout their brand, setting themselves further apart from their competition. The primary services include Electrolysis (Permanent Hair Removal), Skin Revision, Micro- Needling and Fat Reduction. Clients prefer Jade Clinics as an ideal choice for their services; hence in it’s decades long career, there have been thousands of testimonials of happy clients.

An Onset on the Franchise Business

Jade Clinics is a successful brand entity, which provides a turnkey franchise opportunity. It supports every phase of the franchise process from site selection, lease negotiation, full training, equipment buying power, call center, and online booking. It also offers exceptional ongoing training and support through the whole franchise journey. However, finding the right people for the business is essential, and hence at Jade Clinics having a helper’s mentality as a personality trait is vital for the franchisees and employees. With empathy, the employees and franchisees will be able to serve the vision and mission for the customers effortlessly. “Because you are working one on one with the client, there is a great sense of gratitude and fulfillment from seeing the client receive the results they are looking for. For our people, this is very rewarding and makes every day exciting”, states Jennifer.

Conquering the Hindrances Effectively

Jennifer addresses that one of the initial challenges and the highest on the totem pole was taking her knowledge and skill developed through years of practice and transferring it to another to replicate her success with electrolysis. The training structure needed to be revamped over the years as she realized not every student was capable of retaining and performing at the levels she expected.

The introduction of a camera system in the microscope gave the trainers a more in-depth perspective, allowing them to see as if they are performing the treatment. This enabled a more explicit development of the student and guided them to how the training was to be individualized. As equally important, it is to understand the franchise world; it isn’t for everyone as it requires a lot of persistence and regimented dedication.

Moments of Triumph

Being a family business, Jade Clinics is honored to mark its presence in the industry for a long and lustrous time. The management team made up of Jennifer, and her son and daughter have enabled the company to bring families together in business. Hence, three mother/daughter teams work at various locations of Jade Clinic. The company is growing with 11 clinic locations, and one franchisee location itself is owned by Jennifer’s brother Tony. Being in the electrolysis field since 1989, Jennifer has trained over 100 electrologists and has the credentials to prove it.

Over the years, Jade Clinics has received many honors, to name a few: In 2018, it was nominated and awarded Top 5 Small Business in BC, and in 2020, Jennifer wrote a chapter in the Women of Worth collaborative book series, chronicling her journey in the electrolysis and franchising worlds.

The Future Growth Graph

Jade Clinics is currently operating in 11 locations and plans to grow to 20 locations within the next three years using its franchising model. It has also successfully converted three corporate clinics to franchise locations in the previous 18 months. This conversion model will position the administration team to focus on growing and opening more franchise locations in the upcoming years. “We are currently 90% based in British Columbia, in five years from now, I would like to see the Jade Clinics brand expand across Canada and be in all major cities from coast to coast. And start looking at franchising into the United States”, concludes Jennifer.