PickUp USA Fitness

PickUp USA Fitness

A Championship Basketball Platform encouraging Topnotch League Players

PickUp USA Fitness’s commitment is to provide a world-class basketball and fitness experience.

Established in 2012, PickUp USA Fitness is a full-service basketball focused fitness franchise. It is the first and only basketball-based fitness club concept operating in the United States, which was founded with an aim for players to create a better way to play basketball. It offers a bunch of excellent facilities like group & private basketball training, pickup basketball games with referees, full weight, cardio rooms, gyms, and many more serving as a one-stop platform for basketball participants.

The vision of the company was just pickup basketball with referees, however this concept took off at its first location, where players started seeking a platform dedicated to basketball aided services. This laid the foundation of PickUp USA, where it puts the customers first and gives them the top priority. Every decision is customer-friendly boosting a fitness-enabled environment. Working with a customer-centric approach ensures a positive reputation for its clubs that allows word of mouth and referrals to take off.

The Coach on the Floor

A zealous leader, Jordan Meinster is the Founder and President of PickUp USA Fitness. Jordan played pickup basketball his entire life, and always envisioned a gym that would improve the basketball experience for the millions of players across the country. After close to a decade in the financial services, he launched PickUp USA Fitness in 2011 and began franchising the concept in 2016.

With expertise in the sports industry, PickUp USA Fitness is currently operating across the country, including multiple locations owned by NBA athletes. A champion’s approach combined with passion is incredibly important to succeed as an entrepreneur. Jordan is a team player, who commands the same level of passion from his team members to succeed as a business owner. A committed team of highly specialized professionals delivers the best outcomes in an area of business. Hence, being able to recruit, train, and continuously motivate, and develop a team is the key to success. With the tagline “A Better Way to Play”, Jordan aims to expand his business to communities across the country and drive strong financial returns for PickUp USA Fitness franchise owners.

Striking a balance between professional and personal life Jordan adds “I'm very fortunate to have a job that I love. It's a lot of work, and there are certainly challenges, but I love what I do, and I truly "look forward to Mondays." With that, I don't feel compelled to deliberately set boundaries so that I can escape work. I do always ensure that I have time to get "off the grid." Whether that's a hike, playing basketball, or a getaway with my wife. Those quick refreshes keep me on my game.”

Building an Exclusive Identity

PickUp USA Fitness stands out in the gym industry because of its unique specialization. Basketball is an immensely popular sport and has a strong participation rate with over 30 million annual participants. For all the basketball enthusiasts, PickUp USA Fitness is an ideal choice as the players are the key assets of the club. It bestows its players with dynamic yet challenging basketball boot-camps, which are result-oriented private training sessions for its athletes to learn and develop their skills for accomplishing their goals.

Additionally, the key differentiator is its organized and officiated pickup games, the members have the opportunity to play in daily competitive pickup games that retains all of the fun aspects of pickup basketball yet cuts out all of the futile hassles. This makes Pickup USA Fitness a platform with ace services and prompt responses, which keeps expanding with the on-going momentum making it distinctive amongst all. “When you take care of the customer, they will take care of you. We go out of our way to wow our members and guests in every interaction with them, and they have referred friends and family, and the result is a continuously growing business”, concludes Jordan.

Slam Dunk the Hurdles off the Court

Pickup USA Fitness journey to the forefront has been challenging, the development process starting from an initial concept to growing to a full-stretched business with leaps and bounds is a rewarding experience. Over the years, it has learned countless lessons through the rough road of trial and error as to how to best meet the customer’s needs and thrive as an independent gym. It has successfully overcome every obstacle in its way and rose to victory. Be it from site location to construction, scheduling, staffing, training, sales, or many more, it has encountered the whole gamut of challenges and can now confidently implement its full-proofed success system to fitness entrepreneurs looking to avoid those same pitfalls.

Most importantly, the fitness center has learned from the customers and always structured its services based on what the consumers are demanding. After seven years of operating experience, today Pickup USA Fitness has a thriving business model in place that has been crafted through valuable insights, expertise, and adapting to consumer preferences.

Looking at its exponential growth, there are one too many key benefits of investing in a Pickup USA Fitness franchise. It delivers an unparalleled gym experience with a relentless focus on customer service. Also offers a true plug-and-play, simple operating model, and its services cater to a massive potential market of basketball and fitness enthusiasts. With a whopping number of participants, PickUp USA Fitness is shaping the future of basketball becoming a preferred option for many franchisors.

The Wall of Achievements

PickUp USA Fitness has won multiple prestigious honors in its journey for its exceptional performance and principled work-ethic. To name a few of them are:

  • Voted the Fastest Growing & Emerging Franchise for 2020 by Franchise Gator.
  • Voted the Fastest Growing & Emerging Franchise for 2019 by Franchise Gator.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2019 Franchises of The Future.
  • Voted the Fastest Growing & Emerging Franchise for 2018 by Franchise Gator.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2018 Hottest Franchises To Buy.

The Plan of Action for the Future

PickUp USA Fitness is actively seeking franchisees to develop clubs in selected territories. Within less than five years as a franchisor, it has boasted sites in seven states with additional sites pending in four other states. With its unique set of offerings and a huge market for its services, it has spent years refining its brand before providing franchise opportunities for upcoming franchisors. It has defined a playbook for franchisees to follow with a power-packed plan; for franchisees, who put in the work, implement the plan, and stay focused on growing their club will have a high likelihood of success within the system.

For its future endeavors, PickUp USA Fitness envisions to be a nationwide brand that will be operating in all 50 states and possibly beyond. As basketball is a global sport, the company focuses on delivering strong unit-level economics at each franchise location. It also plans to enhance its existing model to offer world-class service to the customers and generate strong economic returns for its club owners.