Ultra Tune

Ultra Tune

The Architects of Intelligent Automobile Service Solutions

Imagine a world without motor vehicles – it would be a disaster. From commuting to transporting goods, automobiles are an integral part of today’s life. Consequently, their breakdowns cause turmoil. To ensure their smooth running and hassle-free driving experience, these automobiles must be maintained in optimal condition.

Ultra Tune – an Australian based auto servicing company delivers compressive services for both private and fleet motorists. The company was founded back in 1979 with a pilot store in Box Hill. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, it has more than 270 auto centers spread across the length and breadth of the country. Ultra Tune is renowned as a specialist for its maintenance and servicing of all makes and models of cars in the Australian market. Through the years, the company has expanded its range of services to include tires and related servicing needs.

Today, Ultra Tune has emerged as an industry leader in this niche.

Stellar Leadership

Under the leadership of Mr. Peter Sean Buckley – Executive Director of Ultra Tune – Ultra Tune has enjoyed exceptional growth and prosperity. With keen entrepreneurial attributes including focus, goal-setting, relationship building, and excellent negotiation skills, Mr. Buckley leads the company from the front. He emphasizes that the best predictor of the future is the past and constantly learns as he strives to improve and build the organization.

When Ultra Tune was on the brink of collapse, Mr. Buckley stepped in and turned the organization around. Resulting in Ultra Tune becoming Australia’s leading, independently owned after-sales automotive service network.

An Enthusiast Personality

Mr. Buckley is tremendously passionate about sports, especially thoroughbred horse racing. He is the proud owner of Ultra Thoroughbreds and runs a stud farm – Barree Stud, in North East of Victoria. To ensure global racing success, Mr. Buckley employs outstanding trainers in Australia and the company has expertise in placing horses in races in peak conditions.

With over 500 acres the stud property - Ultra Thoroughbreds - is a state-of-the-art facility and industry leader with water walkers, hyperbaric chambers, and its own race track.

Mr. Buckley's unwavering commitment to excellence in his horse racing endeavors coupled with his “hands-on” involvement and winning philosophy has set a benchmark for the team of professional managers and the stock they raise.

The quality and perfection of the stock are vital to the success of the stud and Mr. Buckley understands the fact well, hence he brings fresh ideas to the table and uses the skill and expertise of renowned trainers such as Danny O’Brien, Lloyd Kennewell, and Travis Doudle to help hone the fitness of Ultra Thoroughbreds racing stock.

Driving the Success

After graduating from university with a degree in marketing, Mr. Buckley worked in various capacities for organizations such as Thomas Cook around the world, setting up international agencies. Later, he returned to Australia and started working with Ultra Tune in a marketing role in the early 1990s. From being on the verge of collapse to an industry-leading company, he has raised the bar and propelled the company to new heights.

With Ultra Thoroughbreds, Mr. Buckley has been equally successful in his systematic execution of racing preparation resulting in significant prize purses won in Australia and globally.

Mr. Buckley has had massive success with his racehorses time and time again with more than 300 wins over the last decade, many at Group One level in Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Horses of the caliber of Perfect Promise, Culminate, Miss Andretti (a winner at Royal Ascot and 2007 Australian Horse of the Year), not to mention 2013 Cox Plate winner Shamus Award – currently standing at stud.

On 25th October 2014, Craig Williams led the field on Hooked – a 4-year-old bay stallion from Australia and won the $200,000 Schweppes Crystal Mile. In recent years, Mr. Buckley had bagged other major titles such as Hooked winning the Tramway Stakes in September 2015.

Ultra Thoroughbreds breeding program has been very successful producing horses of the caliber of Nature Strip, which was born and bred through the Buckley owned program and is now widely regarded as Australia’s best sprinter in 2020.

Holistic Offering

Mr. Buckley claims “Ultra Tune is an IT company that happens to service cars”.

“Our car servicing is our stock in trade, but where Ultra Tune has managed to stay ahead of the competition over the years is by reading market trends and staying ahead of the curve. In the early days we did this by introducing ‘dyno-tuning’ before anyone else, today we aim to stay ahead of the competition by building a state-of-the-art priority IT platform which handles every aspect of the business – from booking service to reviewing service records, to sending out reminders to clients that their next booking is due, to invoicing,” asserts Mr. Buckley.

Future Landscape

Mr. Buckley envisions the rapid expansion of the business in the coming years. With some key changes to legislation in Australia in 2020, the auto servicing market will sit on a fairer playing field. Hence, he believes there will be more opportunities for Ultra Tune franchises to blossom and expand across the country. “Dealerships have had a monopoly for far too long. The new legislation will mean that Ultra Tune will gain unvetted access to value vehicle data that has previously been quarantined to manufacturer’s dealerships. With open access data, Ultra Tune will be able to deliver comparable (or better) service to dealerships on average 30% cheaper. I’m very excited about the future for Ultra Tune Australia” Mr. Buckley reflected.