The NextGen Consulting Companies to Watch in 2020

The NextGen Consulting Companies to Watch in 2020

Welcome to Business Brainiac’s The NextGen Consulting Companies to Watch in 2020 issue, our annual guide of the most prestigious consulting firms in the industry that are offering excellent client services while serving numerous industries and specializing in every conceivable niche and expertise. Read on to meet these young and dynamic disruptors, innovators—and prepare to be inspired.

Cover Story Profile

The Carbon Consulting Company

The Social Enterprise Pushing for a Greener Tomorrow

Established in 2010, The Carbon Consulting Company (CCC) was founded to bring to life the vision of the co-founders of building a dedicated enterprise, based in Sri Lanka to offer World Class environmental advisory and sustainability consulting services to the private sector and local industry. The company was created to help organizations and individuals measure and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions arising from their activities ( also known as a carbon footprint), and to then compensate for this environmental pollution by financing projects that would reduce or prevent the same amount of greenhouse gases being emitted into the environment – through the instruments known as Carbon Credits.

Special Category Profile

Arthtech Consultants

Empowering a Realm of Value-Added Virtual CFO Services

Established in 1990, Arthtech Consultants Private Limited (ACPL) is one of the pioneers in India for providing Outsourced /Virtual CFO services, having initiated this concept since 1998. ACPL provides outsourced management services (IMOS-Integrated Management Outsourcing Solutions) in the finance, accounting, HR, and legal domain to customers as a Single Window Solution, thereby enabling them to concentrate on their core competence. Initially, it started as a management consulting firm, but eventually, it has founded itself as an innovator for Outsourced/Virtual CFO solutions.

Interview with Business Brainiac

Evolution Strategy Advisors

In an interview with Business Brainiac, Vineet Trakroo, the CEO and Marketing & Sales Strategist of Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made of his firm, expert service offerings, founding ideals, achievements, current and future perceptions. With rich experience, Vineet has led the firm from the forefront delivering all its clients with utmost legal insights and successful business.

Creative Factor

Integrated Workplace Transformation for an Exceptional Customer Experience

Established in 2009, Creative Factor aims to assist organizations through their transformational processes to help them realize their potential in driving change for their people and society. Abiding by its quest to change the workplace arena, it believes that workplaces today are due for massive overhauling. Hence, the company works alongside customers who are seeking change.

Equinox Labs

A Trusted Partner in the Field of Food Testing and Hygiene Auditing PAN-India

Established in 2005, Equinox Labs is a leading FSSAI approved, NABL accredited, and ISO 9001:2015 certified food, water, and air testing lab with a PAN India presence. It is one of the largest auditing agencies and with its quality-based and technology-enabled approach, the organization has built a trustworthy relationship with its clients across multiple domains. Equinox delivers to a wide-range of 14,000+ clients across F&B and corporate sectors and 40,000+ restaurants and hotels with its reliable products and services. It also offers 700 auditors across 150+ cities.

PCS Project Management Pvt. Ltd.

A Premium Consultancy Spearheading the Construction Industry Dynamically

In 1995, when construction project management was just a modern, exceptional, and distinctive concept in the building construction industry, Project Consultancy Services (PCS) apprehended the need to implement in industry and formalize the services and laid its foundation. Gradually, PCS extended his wings and grew to PCS Project Management Pvt. Ltd. in 2008. Since then PCSPMPL has set an ideal example in the industry and became a leading Construction Project Management firm in India, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a branch office in Indore.

Productivity Management Group

A World-Class Research and Development Platform empowering Productivity

Established in 2001, Productivity Management Group (PMG) aims to deliver top-notch knowledge by researching optimal, innovative, and strategic solutions, and to improve the productivity of an organization. In its journey, PMG has evolved as a team of domain experts having a rich rock-solid experience of decades, which serves any type of sector & size of industry ranging from small and medium enterprises to large and heavy industry all over the world. Working with a vision of “Culturing Work Cultures”, its objective is to create a Continual Improvement Culture and maximize growth in Revenues and Profits within its client organization thus helping them to become a Lean and Growing Organization.

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