Creative Factor

Creative Factor

Integrated Workplace Transformation for an Exceptional Customer Experience

"If we wish to change the world for a better tomorrow, we must re-look at the workplace."

Established in 2009, Creative Factor aims to assist organizations through their transformational processes to help them realize their potential in driving change for their people and society. Abiding by its quest to change the workplace arena, it believes that workplaces today are due for massive overhauling. Hence, the company works alongside customers who are seeking change.

As the famous quote goes, "change is the constant", Creative Factor works with conviction, dynamic, and methodological approach to enhance brand perception and customer experience. With a futurist outlook, the company inspires its customers to see the bigger picture and pave the way forward to realize it.

An Instrumental Leader

Tridiv Daas is the Founder of the Creative Factor. He is a voracious reader and a cricket lover, who finds time for leisure even with his tightly packed schedule. Being an avid book lover, he reads 25-30 books a year and also makes time to play cricket every weekend. Tridiv has been able to maintain a proper work-life balance and has received tremendous support from his family and team members throughout his journey. Started working in 1997, Tridiv is an experienced personality, who to date is passionate about working. His work keeps him going, and hence he looks forward to it every day. "I owe much of my success to my mentors from my earlier part of my career and feel grateful that they continue to guide me even today", adds Tridiv.

Tridiv defines that a sense of purpose is the key to any organization that wishes to create the future. It is essential to stay deep-rooted with one's cultural and shared goals across all levels. Transparency in management roles and care for one another has kept Creative Factor's mission and vision alive. The team pays attention to its cultural fabric. It is the glue that binds them together, even when a member has moved on from the organization.

The Five Principal Strengths

Creative Factor specializes in five specific areas, which are a must for every organization:

Brand Development: A brand is not a logo. A brand is much more than a design form. It connotes a perception, a trust, and a belief system that guides employees and customers towards a compelling future. The company conducts brand workshops, which strategically aligns it to the business and creates guidelines that allow its custodians to navigate the brand journey intuitively.

Cultural Transformation: Being in the experience economy and heading towards the transformative economy, without undergoing a cultural transformation, a business cannot deliver customer experience. It's an inside out process, to provide superb customer experience, the first focus should lie on the internal culture.

Integrated Marketing Management: The Company focuses on business intelligence and data to develop marketing strategies and programs. Its capacity to understand different business models and its efficacies gives an edge for developing marketing strategies.

Business Communication: The organization practices holistic business communication. A business has to keep its relationships with five vital stakeholders: employees, customers, partners, channels, and investors. Healthy communication practices first ensure that all these relationships are taken care of as each one is a growth lever.

Business Consulting: It's not one thing, it is many. Every business has its unique challenges, and one solution doesn't fit all. So far, we are living in a human-to-human business world, and it is poised to change. Multiple organizations are at a different stage of their evolution. The company consults businesses across different requirements such as brand development, geo-expansion, digitization, customer experience, growth strategies, leadership development, marketing, and more.

A Symmetrical Consulting Process

Creative Factor brings Business Consulting and Communication under one roof. In today's career front, it is essential to strike a balance between creativity and logical thinking. It is not just about consulting, but also the ability to translate it in the longer run- connecting all the dots. The team at Creative Factor is passionate and committed to deliver with utmost problem-solving offerings and to keep up to the promise.

Also, Creative Factor has two divisions, one that caters to larger enterprises and the other provides services to SMEs. For Enterprise clients, it focuses on Integrated Marketing Services, while for SMEs, it concentrates more holistically at an organizational level. The flagship programs for SMEs are the Brand Business Management Program, Workplace Cultural Transformation Program, Marketing Management Program, and Business System Management Program.

Winning Significant Honors

"Don't be in the business just for profits, focus on purpose instead. In the hard times, it is the passion towards the purpose which keeps the team and organization alive."

Creative Factor takes pride in the contribution of client business and enables every client to bag industry acknowledgment and awards. The company focuses on making a difference in its customers' journey, and that has given them many acknowledgments as Top 100 Outstanding Consulting Company in 2019 - Insight Success and Top 10 Promising Consulting Company 2019 - Consultant Review. For Creative Factor, its customers are the real assets and testimonies of the journey so far.

The State of the Pandemic

COVID-19 has just accelerated the process of business transformation. It is now drawing much-needed attention to the workplace, which Creative Factor has been advocating since 2009. The services are designed to enable businesses out of crisis and align them with the short-term and long-term future. It can now enable cultural transformation for companies opting for Work from Home as standard practice. The COVID-19 outbreak is fueling the need for consulting firms. Today, organizations large and small are changing; therefore, it is an opportunity for all consulting firms. Through-out the lockdown period, the company has been enabling digital transformation for its clients and also remodeling their brand initiatives.

Marching through Future Strides

The company quotes Steve Jobs, "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

Creative Factor will continue to foster changes in the workplace. It will continue to work to transform businesses and help them realize their true potential, draw synergies in their business systems and people. The company plans to expand its outreach and hence is working with industry associations to amplify to tier II and tier III cities. It is continuously developing program modules and training workshops to self-empower organizations and achieve new milestones.