Equinox Labs

Equinox Labs

A Trusted Partner in the Field of Food Testing and Hygiene Auditing PAN-India

Established in 2005, Equinox Labs is a leading FSSAI approved, NABL accredited, and ISO 9001:2015 certified food, water, and air testing lab with a PAN India presence. It is one of the largest auditing agencies and with its quality-based and technology-enabled approach, the organization has built a trustworthy relationship with its clients across multiple domains. Equinox delivers to a wide-range of 14,000+ clients across F&B and corporate sectors and 40,000+ restaurants and hotels with its reliable products and services. It also offers 700 auditors across 150+ cities.

An Instrumental Leader

A resourceful personality, Ashwin Bhadri, CEO and Founder of Equinox Labs is an International Speaker on Food Safety. He is also a pioneer in Food Safety Monitoring and FSSAI Compliance. He works closely with FSSAI Initiatives pan-India, such as SNF@Workplace, FoSTaC, Eat Right India, ITC-FSAN, Hygiene Rating, to name a few. He has also trained over 40,000 people and is also a personal advisor to over 500 companies on Compliance, EHS Policies, and Critical Infrastructure.

With a mission to make the world a safer place, Ashwin envisions making Equinox Labs a global leader. Initially, Equinox focused only on making food consumable and secure, but it gradually shifted and broadened its services to water and air and then food safety.

Over the last decade, the company has experienced a paradigm shift and has established itself as a brand. This has led to an expansion of the vision and now as a brand entity, the organization ensures every Indian has access to good, nutritious, and safe food. Additionally, any food product that it exports is also deemed safe and is of superior quality. Internationally, Indian food products have mixed opinions, but over the next decade, Ashwin Bhadri wants to make sure that Equinox as an organization helps the industry grow stronger in terms of quality.

Ashwin states a few words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs and the biggest advice or success tip that he can share is that “As a business entrepreneur, you're going to fail, so my suggestion will be to fail quickly. Don’t worry even if you fail often, but most importantly do not give up! Grit, I think is the biggest factor that is going to determine whether you’re a winner over a loser. A loser is someone who gave up a little too sooner. A winner is someone who persevered one more time and eventually was able to reach the finish line.”

Cherishing a Compassionate Customer Environment

Equinox Labs as a brand has a voice and an identity that is honest and transparent. It encourages open and direct communication with all its stakeholders and maintains integrity and authenticity through its products and services. Sticking to its roots, the organization has received many accolades for its performance, but the CEO believes that its greatest achievement is staying true to its customers and offering them the best-in-class facilities. The fact that its customers keep coming back to them and more than 99% of the customers work with Equinox again year on year is an honor any organization can ask for.

“I think our belief in doing the ethically right and the best thing for all our clients ensures that our customers stick by us; and this voice of our customers is our strongest marketing tool. Our happy customers, get us more customers!” concludes Ashwin.

Areas of Competencies

Equinox’s core specialization lies in Food, Water, and Air Testing, and also Food Safety Audits.

Over time, it has conducted more than a million tests and audits, which makes it one of the largest players in the country in this respective field. The extensive experience held by the company makes it a preferable choice for many in the business. It also gives in-depth insights into the industry like none other and with the help of these insights, it can help the customers grow and advance in terms of quality and safety.

The Client Driven Approach

To stand-out amongst all its competitors, every company has to offer its unique set of offerings to make a difference in the consulting market. Equinox Labs’ has been in the industry for the last 15 years and with the number of tests and audits it has completed till now, makes it capable of helping the customers by giving them new insights into their own vertical. Equinox has become an expert in its field and hence its client base increases over time expanding its outreach to several cities.

The company helps its customers become stronger in their safety and compliance needs and it safeguards a potential future for its audience by providing excellent up-to-date services. Equinox can provide an added benefit to organizations by giving them comprehensive information about their respective establishments, which they probably didn’t have by using technologies like Hygiene Quotient. Hygiene Quotient allows any brand to see all its properties and see them simultaneously on different fronts.

A State of the Pandemic Times

COVID-19 as a crisis is colossal and as an organization or as a society, we haven’t witnessed something of this magnitude ever before. Equinox believes that along with every crisis there is an opportunity to reimagine itself as a brand. This crisis certainly has imposed a lot of challenges but, there is currently an ample number of opportunities in the market too, especially in terms of monitoring safety and hygiene.

This is the reason why Hygiene Quotient as a service was born. Envisioning the future of Hygiene Quotient, the company foresees that this product has the potential of being the market leader in the industry as there is barely any competition for it. Being one of its kind gives it an added benefit, as the product provides much-needed value to a larger customer base. When one designs or manufactures products according to the need of the hour, the product indeed stands out amongst all.

“Having said that, The most important factor is that there is a strong need for a service like this Hygiene Quotient and every prospect that I'm speaking to today and every demo that we’re doing is converting into a client for us. Apart from this, We are also going to focus largely on training and development in this regard.” concludes Ashwin.

Goals for the Future

Equinox Labs’ strategy for the future is to become the market leader in testing, auditing, and safety services across India and then globally. A big part of the strategy is to be its customers' knowledge partner and making sure that the customer is educated on its testing, auditing, and compliance requirements plus what and when they need to do it. To sustain in the longer run, Equinox believes in offering its clients with satisfactory and honest services every time, as this will ensure that the clients will choose them over others whenever they require services in the same domain.