Evolution Strategy Advisors

Evolution Strategy Advisors

In an interview with Business Brainiac, Vineet Trakroo, the CEO and Marketing & Sales Strategist of Evolution Strategy Advisors LLP gave some insightful answers highlighting the influences made of his firm, expert service offerings, founding ideals, achievements, current and future perceptions. With rich experience, Vineet has led the firm from the forefront delivering all its clients with utmost legal insights and successful business.

1. Kindly Brief Us About Your Organization.

I started this growth consulting company in 2013, for advising and execution on sales and marketing for B2c organizations. As we found a big gap in operational strategy, i.e. how to get things done successfully. We have in the last 7 years worked with over 50 co’s on 75+ projects successfully and done multiple projects for each of our clients. 90% of our recommendations are accepted and close to 70- 75% of them implemented.

2. How Would You Describe the Voice of Your Brand?

  • Quality of work we deliver and the analysis we provide to clients is paramount. We continuously are trying to better ourselves. Our quality is not dependent on our business margins and the size of the client's business. Whether it’s a 100Cr business we are transforming or 10,000Cr we deliver our best in all cases.
  • Skill Up gradation is required in our field as customers get more and more data-savvy and have more and more information available, we have been upgrading our skills to integrate and analyze more and more information from the client’s systems
  • Customer satisfaction with results. By results we mean the results clients business gets post-implementation of our recommendations or actions. Only when the actions yield results we consider it as a satisfied customer.
  • Focused on a specific customer segment and project type. We have been choosy on the type of industries, business issues they face, and what could be the possible outcome. We have many times refused a project and advised clients to alter the scope where we feel that the solution could lie elsewhere or with a much easier tool. As we offer a specialized service it’s important for us to work on the things which would matter for our client and build trust.
  • Connect with customers we go deep into the customers through the process, understand, and sometimes challenge some of their business assumptions. We are forthright in suggesting solutions which could improve their business immediately. This helps us to build trust with our clients.

3. Apprise Us in Detail about Your Areas of Specialization.

Our services are in 4 verticals: Business Diagnostic, Transformation, Building execution excellence, Brand Licensing & alliances. We work with medium and large organizations in FMCG, consumer products, durables, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and building materials:

  • Business Transformation: Restructuring and transforming organizations to grow
  • Business Diagnostics: Identifying issues which are holding back the growth of a business or a division
  • Executional Excellence: In Sales, marketing, brand management, and analytics
  • Licensing Bringing international brands to India for JV & licensing with Indian co’s.

4. What Is Evolution Strategy Advisor’s Difference in the Consulting Market?

We have a different approach to the solution. We believe as most products are commoditized or similar the solution lies in the delivery of the product or service through the sales, service, customer experience, and supply chain till it reaches the internal or external customer. We also believe companies have a lot of data that is not being used to identify issues or to create business insights. We marry these two using company data and the company’s internal teams (sales, service, dealer management, etc.) to identify the challenges they face in delivering to the needs of internal or external customers. The results are phenomenal.

5. Tell Us About Your Organization’s Achievements and Accomplishments.

Our biggest achievement is when clients are able to implement our recommendations and see the benefit of increased business top line/ bottom lines. We have been able to deliver a 20-30% increase or turnaround in business within six months to a year. This has encouraged more than 80% of our clients to give us more projects. Our techniques have proved successful in the automobile, building material, durables, FMCG, stationery, and pharmaceutical business. We have worked with the leaders in each field like Tata Motors, Mahindra, Abbott, Pfizer, Saint Gobain, Pepsi, Piramal, Faber Castell, etc.

6. What Is Your Plan of Action to Tackle the Challenges in Terms of the COVID-19 Crisis, Changing Recent Trends, and Market Players in the Consulting Market?

Currently, the situation is infrastructural and resource-related i.e. labor, finance, material movement, etc. only when Co.’s move to demand to service, grabbing shares, and demand generation we get active. Companies are still in the mode of restarting or finding the best way to serve their markets with all the restrictions. The entire chain of reaching out to the customer has been broken which needs to be rebuilt first. Once the business is the mode of finding ways to recover their lost business, we shall be working with them. In fact, most CEOs and owners are already thinking about next year and how they will recover sales loss. Our business model has been aligned to post Covid-19 from the beginning i.e. finding growth opportunities within the same infrastructure and resources.

7. What Is the Evolution Strategy Advisor’s Strategy for the Future?

We have had most of our focus in Mumbai and Delhi, being the hotbeds of industry, we now plan to expand our operations to South India. We also plan to increase our focus onto mid-sized companies in sectors not covered by us i.e. consumer finance.

About the Featuring Leader

1. Tell Us About Yourself

I started 30yrs ago in the electrical engineering field with Voltas and thereafter ABB. I then moved on to the Consumer goods industry as head of sales & marketing in various co.’s Pidilite, Cavinkare, Beiersdorf, Usha International for the next 23 years. Worked across FMCG, Home improvement, OTC, and durables. I describe myself as A Practical Strategist. One word which describes us is, “Negentropy”, which means, bringing things to order, it’s the opposite of entropy.

2. How Do You Align Your Organization with Your Vision and Mission?

Continually upgrading our delivery to exceed client business growth expectations. This involves upgrading our knowledge of different data analytical techniques and visualization which can help our clients understand the challenges from their own data.

3. Share Business Advice & Success Tips for Young Entrepreneurs.

If entrepreneurs can identify a big enough need which has not been fulfilled, then definitely they can create a sustainable business provided they follow the basics of business management. Further, it’s easier for new-age companies to use technologies v/s an older organization which may still be using conventional means to grow. As more and more businesses get digitized the opportunities will increase. As long as the services are unique and use skills which can’t be easily digitized or adopted by AI in the near future the risk for failure will be lower.