Elevating the FinTech Industry with Pioneering Solutions

Finance holds a significant measure in every individual’s life and with changing times, the switch from traditional banking to online banking is majorly evident. Coming into play here are the Fintech companies, which offer a perfect blend of Finance and Technology and are shaping the financial experience around the globe.

“FinTech is not only an enabler but the driving engine,'' a quote by Pierre Gramegna, clearly describes the impact the FinTech companies are making in the world. According to a survey conducted over the last five years, the FinTech sector has seen an immense advancement and is progressing by a whopping 45 percent annual growth margin.

Established in 2012, AAAccell is a FinTech/DeepTech company offering advanced solutions in the area of Asset and Risk Management. With technology bringing in the revolution, it uses the latest technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Computation for high performance, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning combined with modern methods from quant finance or capital markets. The team of AAAccell is a bunch of highly talented professionals combining in-depth knowledge of financial markets coupled with different quantitative skills, such as mathematics, quantitative finance, artificial intelligence, machine learning, modern statistical inference, and computer science.

Journey to the Forefront

Initially, in the year 2012, the company focused on strategy, research and development for a while. Later, in the year 2017, it went live on the floor with its prototype, which followed with an engagement/collaboration at UBS.

AAAccell recognized a massive trend in the field of artificial intelligence/machine learning, big data, and cloud computation in the past. Further, it was also familiar with the information, that the financial service industry partially still applies traditional manual processes and decision units which disable 24/7 services.

The company considers many solutions and products in the current market as irrelevant, the reason been these solutions/products are using methods from a long time ago like 1960/1970. Also, on the contrary, others offer products like mutual funds for an example, which consistently underperforms against their peers. Although the investors do not receive transparency on the risk/return profile, whilst they stick to buy such products.

Keeping in account all these drawbacks, the company has designed itself to cater to the needs of the recent market and deliver par-excellence service offerings. “When we founded the company, we wanted to develop top-notch solutions for the B2B market to enable any asset manager or financial institutions to use and benefit from the new trend and use the technology individually, convenient and affordable. We are convinced that the sound financial service industry is extremely important for the well-being of economies and therefore humans.”

Like a coin has two sides, the company states that the industry on one side is exceptionally professional and advanced, but on the other side it should still increase ahead with modern technology, whether to enhance digitalization efforts or improve service quality.

Celebrating a Customer-Driven Approach

AAAccell believes that maintaining relationships with the folks is important in the long run. For the company, their customers are the biggest assets and it stands proud to be working with leading brands like UBS or Rothschild, which have a high opinion of its technology. “We have the pleasure to work with global banks such as UBS or Credit Suisse, for well-known private banks such as Rothschild, asset managers, and pension funds. We focus on financial markets. Ideal clients are those who want to change something in the benefit for their shareholders, their clients or revenues.”

The company states that the combination between sound understandings of the industry, traditional methods combined with the new technology is highly acknowledged by their customers. It enjoys serving path-breaking leaders by helping them find their way forward, Working with cutting edge technology or methods, fast and easy deployed.

Words of Wisdom

Talking about the voice of the brand, the company addresses that there is no such thing as one Voice, every company be it a competitor, start-up, or recognized will put their best foot forward in the game. Everyone will voice out their opinions and that doesn’t make anyone inferior or superior. To stand-out amongst all, one has to take the road less traveled and conquer its territories to success. “For others, we often hear that they think we are one of the leaders in the spaces FinTech and Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning. We wouldn’t repeat such statements but clearly, we like to hear it”, concludes the concerned.

The Key Areas of Strengths

“AAAccell, Trusted Innovation - Changing the financial market one algorithm at a time” is the tagline of the company. Its core capabilities lie in five main domains, which are the risk and return engines, fund, and hedge fund solutions, real estate analytics, regulatory solutions, and FX hedging. All of the solutions are based on large data analytics, using high computation power e.g. 90 billion simulations per day and a combo between modern quantitative finance and AI/ML.

Every company has its USP, an out-of-the-box strategy or idea, which helps it surpass the competition and build its brand entity in the market. AAAccell’s distinctive quality offers combined quantitative solutions not only from traditional asset management but also from risk management together with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Generally, in the market, companies focus on quantitative asset management or quantitative risk management or AI/ML. There are few companies out there, which can combine these three domains into fast, stable, and precise cloud technology.

The Existing Picture of the FinTech Industry

The FinTech industry experiences a lot of rapid and dynamic transformations and to survive in the race, innovation is the key. These companies aim to smoothen and automate the process with regulatory guidelines to make the customers' lives simpler and efficient. Understanding the need of the hour, the customer’s trouble areas and acting accordingly with prompt responses are the key drivers for building a successful platform.

AAAccell has seen many FinTech companies, which right from the beginning step with a kick-start by delivering an attractive front-end to fascinate its target audience/clients. Whilst, many of these companies fail to deliver the quality of performance that is estimated and lack in the hours of work that needs to be done in the back end to improve the methods.

On the contrary, AAAccell started with quant models- the AI models and built a strong, stable, and flexible backbone with starting to apply API’s rather front ends. This stands as the reason behind the company receiving numerous requests from other FinTechs, who asked them to build their models. In most cases, these companies also need to properly manage their risks, presumably at least as good as banks, who do this for decades.

“I think many Fintech underestimate their risks whether peer-to-peer or robo’s. This works well to attract business, new clients but might become very critical when we will have our next financial crisis. I expect then many platforms to be unable to remain in business since they worked with an adverse risk selection, not having the tools to understand their real risks with the former benefit of boost business and VC capital”, concludes the concerned.