Acess Meditech

Acess Meditech

A Safeguarding Umbrella in the Insurance World

To be a global leader in providing Insurance domain software and processing, using the best available technology, to provide our valued customers quality, competitive and advanced solutions to their satisfaction while serving the community.

The world today is moving at a lightning speed, the resulting modifications to this are prompt and the adaptability to it is a must. With such frequently variable repercussions, it is a necessity to be secured in every aspect for a better tomorrow. So, what is it? That offers security when circumstances occur, it’s none other than Insurance. Insurance is mandatory as it gives a certain period of time to dwell in an acute condition and figure out an optimum solution for the given time. Here's where the role of Insurance companies come into play as it safeguards the present and future times.

Established in 2007, Acess Meditech is a leading Insurance & Healthcare Software Service provider for all Insurance Industry Verticals having its branches in UAE and India. With state-of-the-art systems like TOSHFA (Integrated Health Insurance Management ERP System) and LIMRA (Live Insurance Management & Risk Application ERP System), it is providing seamless and highly collaborative solutions to help resolve long-standing time-to-market challenges and rigid regulatory compliance.

The company strives to provide value-added services by its Insurance expertise by delivering revolutionizing solutions to the industry incumbents, empowering them with increased profits and decreased operational expenses. Its solutions are built on emerging technologies focusing on customer centricity and increased customer experience to help build better Insurtech ecosystems across the globe.

The Triangular Approach

To be recognized as a firm who will make a global difference - the way to the future of Insurance IT solutions.

At Acess Meditech striving for excellence is the key mantra. It believes that services and solutions are what truly describes the company’s motive. Hence, it is service conscious and constantly strives to improve its services to achieve the peak of excellence.

The company works on three basic principles and describes that to be the voice of their brand.

  • Passionate - It is passionate about automating the way the world of Insurance Processes work.
  • Authentic - It delivers the tools/solutions that make any job easier.
  • Competitive - It is distinctly competitive with wide-ranging product value offerings.

This forms a potential triangle offering highly focused and curative services.

Over the years, the company has delivered the utmost performance with work ethical principles and the virtues of Integrity, Commitment, Passion, and Speed. It has marked its prominence in the International market with domain experienced innovative technology solutions and has marked its presence with the title of “A Qualitative Service Provider”. Acees Meditech core capabilities lie in the areas of Insurance Expertise, Quality and Reliability, Exceptional Customer Service, Value Added Services, and Innovative Product Offerings.

The Customer-Centric Outlook

To enable people and businesses throughout the world to access the best cutting-edge Insurance IT solutions.

With its revolutionizing solutions, Acess Meditech has spread its wings across the globe to the UK, Africa, and the Middle East, and continues to grow stronger with its client base. It concentrates on creating an environment, which is robust but at the same time offers a user-friendly experience and is highly efficient. It provides a reliable One-Stop solution platform, with products designed, developed, and optimized in a manner to deliver utmost user flexibility, accountability, and scalability for advancing its client’s business by almost 40 percent.

The company provides its ideal clients with excellent benefit offerings from its product categories. To name a few of them are:

  • Personalized Insurance Pricing
  • Policy & Enrollee Management.
  • Secure Workflow Management.
  • Online Prior Authorization and Claims Adjudication.
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Customer Service Management.
  • Managed Information Systems (MIS) Reporting.

With a tagline that quotes, “Making Insurance Processes Automated and Easy”, Acess Meditech caters to a myriad range of business categories like general insurance covering Motor, Marine Cargo, Marine Hull, Travel, Fire, Engineering, Aviation, Property, Group & Individual Health Insurance, individual life, group life, broker/agent management.

Also, its product services are tailor-made for various companies like Insurance Companies (Both Medical and General Lines of Business), Third Party Administrators (TPAs), a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Managed Care Organizations (MCO) around the world.

Adding Definitive-Value to Outsourcing Services

Acess Meditech with its majorly digitized product offerings helps in redefining the traditional ways of Insurance business operations and decreasing the operational cost, dependence on employees through automated processes. The company helps the Insurance companies focus on customer retention by increasing their customer experience, provide unified data across the business stakeholders for better visibility in decision making and building a connective Insurtech ecosystem. Automated Quote Issuance, Product/ Policy Management, Prior Authorization, and Efficient Claims management is a critical business process of any insurance company.

The company’s key products TOSHFA and LIMRA ERP systems are fully regulatory compliant, mobile applications, Chabot, and RPA-(Robotic Process Automation) systems which reduce manual workflow and a number of human-to-human interactions, making the whole process hassle-free.

“Rapid data-driven Insurance Market changes with an increasing trend of digitization is the current challenge faced by the Insurance Industry. The Insurance Companies are under continuous pressure to meet up with their burdening Operational Expenses, managing Customer expectation Vs. Customer Retention, as well as the Market-specific regulatory compliances”, the company’s word on the on-going momentum.

The USP of Acess Meditech

Acess Meditech products are a perfect blend of experience and technology. The company’s AI Initiatives that include Data Mining Processes and High-Level Data Analytics Programming help provide insights to Insurance companies by accurately predicting the future health trajectories of its customers and the associated utilization of healthcare resources.

It's rule-based bilingual mobile Chabot (for motor, travel, health, and medical malpractice) to play an important role across the insurance value chain, including pre-purchase, purchase and customer service. The tedious long procedure of insurance transactions, which are traditional, characterized by manual form-filling, elaborate questionnaires, time-consuming, background checks, staff shortages, and cumbersome customer service is replaced with ease in complexity. By embracing the possibilities AI offers for innovation, insurance companies can win the customer’s hearts and minds.