Khora VR

Khora VR

Leveraging the Immersive Power of VR and AR to Serve Multiple Industries

Khora aims to Expand Reality through value-creating applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Established in 2015, Khora was founded by an American, Peter Fisher (CTO), and a Dane, Simon Lajboschitz (CEO). It is a VR and AR company bringing forth the experience of this technology to influence its potential competency.

Peter is an educated 3D artist and one of the few people in Scandinavia, who in 2015 owned an Oculus DK1 and consistently produced quality content for it, which made him one of the most experienced VR developers in Copenhagen. On the contrary, Simon, a Brand and Concept Leader at the retail company Tiger (now, Flying Tiger Copenhagen), was on the verge of starting a VR and AR company after watching a powerful VR documentary called “Clouds Over Sidra” in New York.

The Birth of Khora

Peter and Simon met during a meet-up of Virtual Reality enthusiasts in Copenhagen. This hi-tech duo came together and decided to jump-start Khora introducing AR and VR technology to the Danish public. The launching title of Khora was a platform game called “Cityscape Repairman”, the first-ever Danish VR game developed by Peter. It was launched on the Oculus Store for the Samsung Gear VR and successfully won the 3rd place on the Oculus’ Mobile VR Jam in 2015.

During the initial days of the company, one of the major factors to address was that VR is a technology that is best understood when experienced itself in the first place. It wasn’t familiar to many and that was the reason, the company had to create a space where people could exercise this technology. In order to make this a reality, in 2016, the World’s First Virtual Reality Shop was launched, from pedestrians to enthusiasts, anyone was able to experience a VR demo free of cost. This generous customer-driven promotion had grabbed the eyes of experts from multiple industries, which further led the company to initiate numerous edgy projects in the fields of Mental Healthcare, Marketing, and Contemporary Arts.

Over the course of time, the company has successfully steered more than 200 VR and AR projects and organized more than 700 workshops and events. Its latest achievement was managing this landmark project with an energy company, Ørsted, where the company worked with 4 astronauts (Helen Sharman, Mike Massimino, Andreas Mogensen, and Reinhold Ewald) to give the viewers an approximate experience of being launched into space and feel the “overview effect”.

“It’s the special moment when astronauts first see planet Earth, as a vulnerable dot floating through the universe and needing our protection. This was a very heavy 3D graphics project, merged with 360º video footage filmed in a drone that was pushed to its flying heights limits”, adds Peter.

A ‘Swiss-Army-Knife’ Team

With a tagline of “Expanding Reality”, Khora’s technical team is comprised of 3D artists, programmers, sound artists, and 360º filmmakers, who deal with every type of VR and AR project, be it small or large and are capable of delivering utmost solutions at any scale. Over the years, the company has been acknowledged for its excellent performance and exceptional project work. The Carlsberg Byen project is one such example of the team’s highly focused attitude and versatility. For this particular project, the company had to recreate in 3D, a series of apartments that are yet to be built in real life, so that these can be sold in the client’s showroom.

This level of graphical detail of the 3D models is highly complex and visually appealing so that the end-user would get the actual realistic feeling of touring this soon-to-be existent apartment. Another key detail of these virtual apartments is that they should be able to provide a good impression of how these apartments’ view would be at different levels, so our team of 360º filmmakers went on the building site and with a drone, they took several reference 360º photos of the area in order for our 3D team to photographically recreate the area.

The company works mainly in a B2B context with clients operating in the Education, Museums, Training, Simulation industries, and many more. The projects from these industries often come in with an idea of which internal challenge VR or AR is lucrative to resolve and it is up to the team of experts to come up with the solutions.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation-Driven Collaboration

Khora celebrates a healthy and respectful working atmosphere by cultivating a family culture amongst its co-workers. The young, dynamic, and talented bunch of Khora’s professionals are passionate and knowledgeable minds working with a principle work ethical approach. Driven by creativity and innovative ideas, the company is a team of explorers pushing their boundaries and accomplishing goals at every step of the journey.

“Our extensive past work in several areas have also taught us a lot about the medium, and we bring this to every new project that comes into the door, allowing us to better advise our clients in which directions should the project take”, is what makes the company stand-out amongst all and the USP of Khora, says Simon.

Any person on their premises, be it, client or employee, Khora welcomes everyone with open arms, and it tries to balance with its clients, who are the heart and soul of every project. The company is open to new ideas and differences of opinions, which in turn ends up opening new doors of opportunities and brings forth new projects and collaborations in different areas. With such a friendly attitude, the company has earned the trust and belief of customers and professionals.

Strengthening With Time

In the past, Khora has worked on several projects within Marketing and Communications and in the upcoming times, the company has decided to spread its wings in other potential industries especially Healthcare, which concerns mental health. The team has been working on several projects with the respective industry experts in different fields, local municipalities and research institutions that are adding credibility to the on-going projects.

The CHALLENGE Project is such a case, a 5-year long project, where the company has teamed up with Danish municipalities to create a new therapy for people hearing auditory hallucinations using VR software. The software includes a VR simulation training program and voice modulation in real-time, which will enable the patient to face their malevolent voices and lessen their control over the patient’s life.