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Virgosys Software Pvt Ltd

A Powerful IT-Enabled Service Provider Bestowing Customized Solutions

“To be a formidable company focused on bespoke solutions and help-out customers grow. At Virgosys, the foremost priority is to make IT work wonders for your company and allow you to focus on your core business. Your success is reflected in the Virgosys success story!”

The modern times come with modern innovations, be it any potential industry/sector, the key to stand-out amongst all is through aiming for pioneering solutions. Invention advances growth and it opens the eyes of curiosity of “what’s new and next”. The field of software development and information technology has seen tremendous modifications over the course of time. It is expanding its outreach with successful advanced services and solutions for a resourceful tomorrow. One such company, Virgosys Software is providing services in the field of custom software development and information technology consulting to its clients across the globe.

Established in 1994, the company is a premier IT company, which is ranked amongst one of the best IT companies situated in Bangalore. Its customer-centric approach and sheer dedication are the growth drivers for achieving a well-known brand name in the market. The company believes that customers are its biggest assets and the selling aspect is only one part of the solution, but serving the customer for a lifetime is a bigger challenge and commitment. One of its key USPs is fulfilling the customer’s requirements and delivering prompt responses for every customer’s satisfaction and every dollar spent.

The Ingenious Leader

A charismatic personality, Rajiv Saran Sharma is the CEO of Virgosys Software. He has pursued an engineering degree in Electronics & Communications from Bangalore University.

Initially, during his childhood days, he dreamt of having a secure job at a reputed firm, but eventually, in his formative years, his dreams got new wings to explore a leading-edge career path. He had a vision of becoming a well-known business tycoon with world-wide recognition.

In order to accomplish his dreams, right from his college days, he used to take up a few projects to work on as a lucrative hobby. Later on, this turned into a business but didn’t last long due to some regulatory issues. For Rajiv, this was an eye-opener which gave him a new direction to his dreams and ambitions to set up a software company and grow it into an international entity.

“There were a lot of challenges and hurdles, in the beginning, being a startup and in those days’ companies preferred bigger companies with strong financial backing to take up work for them. Nevertheless, I fought those hurdles made strategies to get new clients by various means and slowly grow the business. It’s been a long journey so far!” concludes Rajiv about his far-fetched journey.

With an aim, he and his team of talented software employees are now developing Web Application software products and services. Rajiv’s meticulous work and committed performance have led the company to succeed with a bunch of excellent software developers and channel partners across the world. He believes in encouraging his employees and be a friend, who guides everyone to excel in their work. He is the main architect of "Schookee", the key to Management, a web-based multi-language support, Educational Management Software (ERP) product that can be modified to suit the requirements of any institution in the globe. He also has architected many more products which the company offers. He is also the CTO for Raz Infosystem FZC, Sharjah.

The “Out-Of-The-Box” Knack

“We stand apart and committed to our customers which are hard to find with other providers. We are the GO TO people for the best solutions.”

Virgosys Software has a rich experience of more than 25 years and believes in long term partnerships with clients and opts to be the preferred vendor based on its services. The company majorly focuses on Web-based applications, Mobile App development, RFID solutions, IoT based solutions and SAP for ERP. It believes that every business has different SOPs and should target specific services or solutions rather than sticking to the patent quote of “One shirt fits all”.

The company keeps updated with the latest technologies and product advancements to foster future requirements. It offers a plethora of product offerings, which are mostly software as a service (SaaS) offering. It serves the customers/clients with tailor-made solutions and brings in innovative measures for clients to succeed in various businesses.

A Momentous Global Outreach

“To deliver high quality, creative, technologically advanced services to our customers, by endeavoring to keep abreast with the latest technology and the best of breed manpower and a friendly environment is our company mission.”

Virgosys Software caters to all sizes of companies from a small range to the end of the spectrum Fortune 10 companies. The company delivers value-added products across the globe to clients in different countries like the USA, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Sri Lanka. Its ideal markets are US/Europe, the African continent, and other markets worldwide. For every client, be it a small or mid-size company, which needs IT to support its company and associates with a third-party service provider can join Virgosys Software anytime. Further, the company steps in and helps them maintain their SOPs and IT to run more profitably and productively, providing their employees with a better work-life balance. Be it any organization, at Virgosys Software, the mission is to provide the “best-in-class” amenities to become a brand identity.

“We work towards the betterment of the industry and contribute to various forums for people. Also, our practice to groom fresh talent and make them good leaders, helps the larger companies fill a void to find good talent which can become their future leaders”, concludes the concerned.